Saturday, July 07, 2007

A lake day

A day at the lake is always fun, hot since there is no ac, but fun since you just have to get wet to cool down! Kaitlyn loves to play "ball, ball, ball" with auntie Em and they throw it back and forth with Emily chasing all the stray tosses trying to catch them before they go all the way down to the lake.

The new boat and motor-a whopping 2hp, not quite a comparison to the old 18 footer with 180 hp!! At least you can carry it in and out and don't have to unload at the ramp, and you don't have to have a special little motor just to troll for fishing, hmmmm....really trying to see the plus side here.....still, no water skiing this year which makes me bummed since I wasn't able to water ski the last two years since I was hugely prego, d'oh! Even if everyone in the boat paddled and they had the motor going full speed I don't think I would barely budge from the water let alone get up, sigh, am thinking a seadoo might be something we need to invest in...Dave did get a skidoo for the winter, think I could twist his arm?

More before and after shots, this time of the little garden in front of the cottage. It took me 2 hours and 4 wheel barrows full of junk to get it cleaned up. These pics totally don't do it justice, it looked way worse and looks way better now........maybe I am just telling myself this since it was so much work. However I really enjoyed working on it and find working in the garden to be therapeutic, enjoyable and rewarding, I get a real sense of satisfaction when I see the end product.

Cooling off in the shade on the swing, a favourite place to kick back or conk out!

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