Friday, July 20, 2007

I am sooooooo hurting today!

This was how the yard looked two nights ago. Full of weeds, and just a plain mess!

Yesterday morning Dave went to work and Katie showed up at 7:30...AM! Ethan joined us right away, but we got a few hours work in before Kaitlyn woke up. We took a break to chow down on yummy-lishous hash brown casserole and dosed up on coffee and then it was back to work.

When I was digging I came across this weird bug. Kaitlyn kept touching it so its tail would spin and she would roll her wrists and say "around, around, around..." Then she accidentally squished it and it was full of yellowish guts........SO GROSS!!!!!
Does any one know what it was? It was just over an inch long. Chuck do you have any ideas? Marianne? Ryan? Ann? You guys are the only ones I know who play in dirt. It was about 5 inches down in the dirt...under the grass root.
Just about noon and we were almost done the front!
Tada!! It took us about 4 hours to get it done. And what a difference!

After lunch Katie had to run out for a bit so we took a break. I still had some work to do since there was a ton of rock left and I had to put it somewhere. Katie came back watched the kids for the afternoon and I moved rock. Put some under a tree, some in the back yard and some at the side of the house.
The kids were zonked and cranky both of them ended up falling asleep on the living room 5:30pm and slept through to 7:30. I was able to finish up outside and sit back and enjoy.

I knew I would be tired and sore today, but I feel like I was hit by truck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and when Dave came home he loved it......poor guy didn't get supper though, something had to give. I'll make sure it's a good one tonight!
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Anonymous said...

You are so talented - the yard looks so great!
Want to come to back AB and work on mine for me?
Grandma Grumpy

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
What a great job you and Katie did on the yard! I would like to show these pics to my friend Deb - who use to live there. She would be IMPRESSED! Big improvement. I bet you guys were BEAT! I will have to stop in when we get back from the wedding.
Aunt Deb :)

familymclean said...

Thank you, thank you, we worked out butts off! But it was so fun....Grandma Grumpy I would love to come work on your yard! I have found that I enjoy it so much and even though I was in pain today I just love working out in the yard!!
I wish I had a bigger yard to fool around with.
Aunt Deb, yes go ahead and show her, send her the link or something, hope the wedding goes well and we'll see you when you get back!

JeniBeans said...

Great job! It all look so nice and clean and easy to maintain. Which is what I need! haha. Maybe I should send you a picture of my yard and you can email me your ideas for improvement. LOL

It wouldn't take too much to make improvement of any kind in my yard. Flower beds are neglected, weeds EVERYwhere. I can't say that I've been too overly motivated to get out there and do anything.

Maybe your post will inspire me to this coming week!


BeachMama said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!! My Sister just did a similar thing to her front garden (she took longer than a day though). Hope the soreness doens't last too long.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sweetie,

The yard looks wonderful!
I am glad that you are liking gardening. It is a wonderful hobby. Soon you will be planning all winter long what you want to plant.

I asked one of the guys here about Kaitlin's new pet. He stated that it was a grub. You might want to ask at the local garden centre on how to get rid of them.

Love you lots!

Aunty Kathy

Amy.E said...

Wow! What an ambitious project for one day! Looks great!

HotRodHanna said...

Looks great! It's so cool you could do that all in one day!! It would have taken me a week at least!

Anonymous said...

very nice a big change,I have some landscaping work for you at our place as soon as you are available.

familymclean said...

Hey...anonymous person how can I help if I don't know who you are?