Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Playing catch up once again.

So today I was told that I have been slacking....this better make up for it!!!

We are love, love, loving the summer! It is hot, but water is cool (and so is AC), and so is the awesome hammock-thanks again Papa!! We are having so much fun outside in the yard it is hard to come in.

A day---er two days downtown of shopping. Of course I had to go back to return my impulse buy...a fall jacket, which was awesome but too big...and it was an x-small, I think sizes have grown lately! Kaitlyn being the super smart little shopper that she is had to try on every thing from shoes and jewelry to swimsuits, and come out of the change room with it strung all around her to show it off. She is definitely a mini-me!!!

Watching Dave do his our own house. We are now fully digital-even the phone!

After a particularly fussy afternoon they got nursed together, and had their naps together, whew, I was sooooooo beat!!!

Kaitlyn helped mommy make all the invitations for Marita's shower, even sealed the envelopes.

A zonked little man sprawled out on uncle Dan, who was dying to go home to do homework......ya right!

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