Saturday, July 28, 2007

A shmoze of a post

My hobo girl, in 35 degree C heat! OK, so I seem to be setting a trend for myself. This summer pictures are not getting uploaded in a punctual way, so instead you are getting a bunch of random shots that cover the week, sorta. I take so many pics that I never know which ones to use, so here are a bunch from the last few days.

I could say a few things about this pic, but I'll let you think them instead. The next is of a few cards I made at Pretty in Pinks card party. We also made a stepping stone which I thought turned out kinda lame and will most likely paint and decorate it. Just stamped was pretty boring so I will save the pic of it for a before and after session.

Zonked out on Auntie, he actually fell asleep eating his snack. Dave went to the football game, good for Sask and so sad for Dave, his beloved Eskies pretty much burried themselves. Katie came to hang with me and we planned on going down to the lake to watch the wakeboarding competitions, but the heat was brutal so we lazed in the house instead.
And my latest painting, yipee....I am back at it!!! This one I gave to Katie for her bedroom. I considered keeping it but had no where to put it and thought about taking it down to the store but it will look sooooooo good in Katie's place!!! More to come so you can finally start checking back at the art blog for fresh ones. Oh, and I sold my first painting in the store today, the orange one named honeycomb, yaaa!

Hanging out in the house, keeping cool.

There was finally a break in the heat, the one evening we had planned outdoors! We had a BBQ in the park with some friends and it was so nice to be out and not be melting. And actually by the time we left the park I could have even worn a sweater! However by the following day the heat was back on and we were hanging in the house again.

"I'm on top of the world"

This is what happens when you give a 23 month old a popsicle and then forget you gave it to her and go check you r e-mail, I am sooooo loving the leather for its wipability!--is that even a word?
Playing kneebouncers together and screwing up my computer by pushing buttons not associated with their game. Whenever they are done everything is moved around and there is a mess for Dave to figure out. I think they need their own to mess around on ..... hmmmm.... b-days are coming up. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, anyone with an old clunker you don't want out there?

Another hot day and this is what Kaitlyn wore. She lasted a whole block and a half then stopped and couldn't get it off fast enough. "hot, hot , hooooot!!!"

Chilling at Pretty in Pinks and J house.


Oliver, enjoying the lazy dog days of summer!

Paul and Marita, getting excited and busy with wedding planing, not even a month to go till the big day.

Summer love!

Mommy got new hot shoes and once again Kaitlyn has worn them more than me, almost. I may have worn them for a longer period of time, but she beats me down with the number of times worn.

Ben (my second cousin) and Susan's reception was tonight and since I invited myself and they obliged we got to go. Thanks again guys, it was a great night with slides of the both of them as kids, a game of charades to bring on the smooches and yummy turkey dinner. The highlight of the food though was a raspberry topped cheese cake which I must get the recipe for.

Newlywed and pretty dern happy!


Amy.E said...

A - love the painting! Just check out your portfolio and loved the dot/twig paintings too! Such talent! Keep posting!

Decorum Interiors said...

Ditto - love the painting! And drooling over the hot new shoes. Where'd you get them? I myself have also recently acquired a pair of yellow shoes, but I'd love a pair like those, too (do I sound addicted?)!

familymclean said...

Yes you do, but I totally understand, I have a similar addiction...oh, and they are from Aldo, and on sale too! Though black and pink in the same shoe were way cheaper, less popular I guess.

Oh, and thanks for the love, back at you two! You keep me inpired! I am planning on getting a few more done tonight....see how that goes.

prettyinpink said...

Glad to have an update! I love the boob picture with Ethan. Another example of his interest growing...teehee

Miss you guys!