Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh, these summer days...

" Buuugggssss" (click on any of the pictures to see them larger)

Out in the yard is where we are. All the rock is gone, grass has grown, even been mowed, flowers planted, play structures set up, hammock beckoning (thank you Papa) and even an umbrella for shade, not that we need it with the huge trees. I love the yard!!!! Hated it when we moved in but this little house is growing on me despite the little problems and I am really enjoying my days. With the weather so awesome we are out all the time, well almost, we do come inside to cool down, eat and nap.

Yesterday morning we went to a splash park for a play date. The kids loved to splash when the water was low, but when it sprayed hard we played on the blanket, so it was back and forth every 3 minutes, fun though. Then later that afternoon I realized that we had lost Kaitlyn's play keys, the ones that go to her barbie beetle and have our spare remote for the truck and spare house keys on it. Arg!!!! I have called the community centre where the splash park was and am watching the paper, so frustrating, I NEED them! I sure hope(pray) they turn up!

"Hi, ya, oohh-ya, yaaa, bye!" Really though...I am not worried about this child's creative imagination!

Tuesday Katie and I took the kids out to the farm to see Ben and Susan's new place, drop off a basket and take dinner to Tim. While we were there we could hear a cat crying and followed the sound to....a wall. The STUPID cat had climbed through a small hole on the second floor and crawled through the rafters and fallen down inside the wall. Again....STUPID cat! Tim cut a hole and let it out (and the stink of a cat using the inside of a wall as a litter box) and what did the STUPID cat back upstairs and back into the hole! You would think it would have learned a lesson after spending 4 days in the wall! Oh, did I say STUPID yet.....Tim had to then bribe it out with water, I could have smacked it!(Well not really, since it is a cat, but I gave it a little kick mentally, cause really how stupid can a cat be!?) I thought cats were supposed to be smart, ha, maybe this is why I am more of a dog person!

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