Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dan's 18th B-day

Summer is busy, wow! I was trying to be regular with posting but life is just so full right now. So I will attempt to skim you through the past week. Last Sunday was Dan's 18th birthday so we all went over to mom and dads for lunch. We just hung out for most of the afternoon, doing family time. Out in the backyard my mom was watering her flowers and Kaitlyn wanted a turn. Once she had the hose she turned to me, said "maaaaaam" and giggled and sprayed me, what a little terror. She then turned to my grandma and made her shriek and dance, we all got a little wet but it was hot and felt great. Here are the rest of the pics from lunch. (click)
For dinner we went over to "TT's" new condo where she put on an awesome spread. Her place is sooooo cute, I just love the airy feel she had created! And here is what happens when you let Phil take your camera (click).

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