Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tenting at the lake-our mid week weekend.

Thursday and Friday were Dave's weekend so we headed out to the lake. Mom and dad are out there for their summer (don't know when it starts or ends) I was excited to camp out so Dave set up our tent. I thought it could be an adventure and, well I think we either need a king size air mattress or we need to wait a few years before attempting camping out again. Not that it wasn't fun, was a long night with many baby wakings and super early morning so not my idea of really fun.

However I would do it again just for the evening and morning outside. There is something really special about being at the lake, a relaxing peaceful feeling comes over me and despite having next to no sleep, being out of the city energizes me.
I just love it out there and so does Dave, so....we have decided we want to move out there. This of course will take time, finding land, and the huge process of finding out what can be built and where and then designing a home and building. So don't expect big moving news any time soon, we don't even have land yet, this is just our dream starting to take shape.

In the evening we all sat around the fire, roasted wiener's and marshmallow's, laughed over old stories and moms campfire songs passed down from her dad.

In the morning we went out for a canoe ride, in pea soup. In really hot weather the algae really flares up and is quite yucky, but it usually only lasts a few days. The guys then tore up the old deck down at the lake. It used to be a boat house but was converted to a deck. Phil stepped through it in a few places this year already so they ripped it out and a new one is in the works. I am excited about this because it is supposed to be level, and you will be able to walk out onto the dock from it.

The view laying in the tent....couldn't be better!

The kids, including Phil and Emily played in the tent for hours, I guess because it is like a little house...and it is like being outside without the bugs.

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