Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back yard days.

Taking a break from yard work. It is starting to feel like summer, short sleeves, skirts and shorts are making there way out. Kaitlyn hasn't quite accepted the fact that she doesn't have to wear her toque out anymore or her boots for that matter.
Monkey Em.
Kaitlyn, changing her own diaper, putting on her Dora 'underwear'.
Fun times in the yard.

We are planing to clear all the stone out of the yard and put in grass. What a mess! I hate rock!!!

Ethan's balance is getting really good and he can now stand at the furniture on his own.
I came out of the room after changing Ethan's diaper and found Kaitlyn playing princess with a curtain on the hall bench.

I love my kids.

These are just a bunch of miscellaneous pictures taken over the last few days. There has been a lot going on and it would take forever to share it all so instead I'll just share my cute babes.

Love the new bike!

Helping daddy build the new bike.

He really needs a boy chair. (hint, hint to someone out there who loves him) Yes I mean one of you Grandmas or Grandpas. =-)
She really has no clue what to do with a soother, she chews it upside down!
Checking out the neighbors trike. It was after this that we had to run out the the big box store and get her one of her own.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I am learning more about this HTML stuff and am making slow progress. If you wonder why I haven't done a new post here lately it is because I have been fiddling around over on A Mommy's Ramblings (click here) trying to get a banner up. It is there, finally, and its crappy, but for now at least there is one there, Ahhhh.
There has been much to post about here and a zillion pictures taken to prove it. I will try to do a post in the morning and catch you all up on the latest.....paint, coffee, trikes, freestanding and puddles.....just a few of the happenings of the last few days. I will try, really try to catch up. Good night!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kaitlyn dresses herself and gets her first haircut.

Kaitlyn has decided that she is a big girl and not only does she now hate diapers she has decided to dress herself. Above is the combination she came up with, there are even bloomers on under her pants. To view the whole set of pictures, of which there are a ton, including the haircut and bubbles and tree climbing pics, (click here)
Sunday the 22nd Kaitlyn got her hair cut for the first time. She really wasn't impressed and tried to escape but I still managed to trim the few little wisp's that had made it to her eyes.
" Moe, Moe, Moe!" Bubbles! Both Kaitlyn and Ethan love bubbles and K cries for more of I stop to catch my breath. She caries the basket of bubble gear around waiting for the chance to go outside and play some more. This morning she brought the bubble stuff in the car, into the mall, back into the car and around doing all our errands waiting to play. So when we got home we spent an hour on the front steps blowing bubbles. She just loves trying to catch them and giggles when they pop on her cheek. Ethan seems to get just about as excited and smiles and swats at them too.
More firsts. Daddy went out on a limb and helped Sweetpea climb a tree. (Ha, ha) She was not so sure about being in such a precarious place and smiled but wanted down right away.
My sweet little Sprout, soon he'll be wandering around creating chaose with his big sis, I really hope I don't have to get leashes.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Potty training...I think

I need some help! If you have any potty training advice. I wrote about my woes here. Please feel free to share anything that you know of that might help.


Waiting for daddy to come home. Dave always calls when he's on his way and I then tell Kaitlyn that "Daddy coming home now", she then runs to the window and watches and waits. She is a real daddy's girl and runs into his arms as soon as he's through the door.

Friday morning we went to a playdate at It's a Blast. Kaitlyn was a little hesitant at first but eventually got a little adventurous and played on some of the structures, though she didn't get far into the play zone since she had to keep and eye on me. I got to meet four other moms all with an older child and a baby Ethan's age and have some adult conversation so it was super for all of us.
Thursday morning we had a playdate at little Avery's house. Above is another little girl that was there named Amber, and below is Ethan, Avery and another little friend who was stopped by named Riel. Kaitlyn had her first screaming, pulling, tearful fight, over a little purse with Avery. As much as we wanted it to end it was kinda funny to see these little personalities try to resolve their little problem.
After all was said and done Ethan ended up playing with the purse.(above)
Ethan's first cheese puff, and he loved it and devoured quite a few more. I am so much more lax with Ethan than I was with Kaitlyn, she wouldn't have been allowed to have that till she was at least 1.

Bathtime. Sweetpea and Sprout bathe together now and seem to love each others company though they only play parallel to one another.

Sleeping on Auntie's lap, another of those sleep crashes were we just couldn't keep him awake any longer and he just kept slumping over.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Out for a walk.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Playing in the sun.

Kaitlyn, this girl is forever making the craziest faces, she must get that from her daddy.(if by chance it is from me I wouldn't know, I don't watch my own face)
Look at those cheeks!
When he's tired there is no keeping him awake. Dave jiggled him and bounced him, and he would open and eye then flop over again. So much for keeping him up till bed time.

Playing in the rocks. We plan to remove all this rock from the yard and put in nice soft green yummy smelling toe tickling baby friendly grass.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweetpea's on the loose!

Yesterday Dave came home to pick up his lunch and left the screen door slightly ajar. Kaitlyn saw an opportunity, grabbed her hat and made a dash for it. Once out she was down those steps lickady-split and running down the sidewalk. When she got to the corner of the street she looked back, saw how far she'd gone, decided that was far enough and headed back. Her first adventure on her own, and she seemed to be quite proud of herself!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Spring really is here! We have had a few late snows but it didn't hang around. The buds are on the trees and green grass is poking through. Ahhh, summer is on the way! Sunday afternoon Dave and Kaitlyn hung out in the front yard colouring the sidewalk.
Special daddy time.

My little bumpkins. Kaitlyn is always climbing on something and has to stand, freaks me out but I just can't stand next to her at every moment. Gives me knots in my stomach, it seems I am forever telling her to get down from something, I am so afraid she will hurt herself!
Thank goodness Ethan can still be strapped down, hopefully we have Kaitlyn trained to stay down before he is climbing too.