Monday, April 23, 2007

Kaitlyn dresses herself and gets her first haircut.

Kaitlyn has decided that she is a big girl and not only does she now hate diapers she has decided to dress herself. Above is the combination she came up with, there are even bloomers on under her pants. To view the whole set of pictures, of which there are a ton, including the haircut and bubbles and tree climbing pics, (click here)
Sunday the 22nd Kaitlyn got her hair cut for the first time. She really wasn't impressed and tried to escape but I still managed to trim the few little wisp's that had made it to her eyes.
" Moe, Moe, Moe!" Bubbles! Both Kaitlyn and Ethan love bubbles and K cries for more of I stop to catch my breath. She caries the basket of bubble gear around waiting for the chance to go outside and play some more. This morning she brought the bubble stuff in the car, into the mall, back into the car and around doing all our errands waiting to play. So when we got home we spent an hour on the front steps blowing bubbles. She just loves trying to catch them and giggles when they pop on her cheek. Ethan seems to get just about as excited and smiles and swats at them too.
More firsts. Daddy went out on a limb and helped Sweetpea climb a tree. (Ha, ha) She was not so sure about being in such a precarious place and smiled but wanted down right away.
My sweet little Sprout, soon he'll be wandering around creating chaose with his big sis, I really hope I don't have to get leashes.

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