Sunday, April 22, 2007


Waiting for daddy to come home. Dave always calls when he's on his way and I then tell Kaitlyn that "Daddy coming home now", she then runs to the window and watches and waits. She is a real daddy's girl and runs into his arms as soon as he's through the door.

Friday morning we went to a playdate at It's a Blast. Kaitlyn was a little hesitant at first but eventually got a little adventurous and played on some of the structures, though she didn't get far into the play zone since she had to keep and eye on me. I got to meet four other moms all with an older child and a baby Ethan's age and have some adult conversation so it was super for all of us.
Thursday morning we had a playdate at little Avery's house. Above is another little girl that was there named Amber, and below is Ethan, Avery and another little friend who was stopped by named Riel. Kaitlyn had her first screaming, pulling, tearful fight, over a little purse with Avery. As much as we wanted it to end it was kinda funny to see these little personalities try to resolve their little problem.
After all was said and done Ethan ended up playing with the purse.(above)
Ethan's first cheese puff, and he loved it and devoured quite a few more. I am so much more lax with Ethan than I was with Kaitlyn, she wouldn't have been allowed to have that till she was at least 1.

Bathtime. Sweetpea and Sprout bathe together now and seem to love each others company though they only play parallel to one another.

Sleeping on Auntie's lap, another of those sleep crashes were we just couldn't keep him awake any longer and he just kept slumping over.


Anonymous said...

I'm still puzzling over which one of your youngest siblings K mostly closely resembles! :) It depends on which picture I'm looking at!
-Your not-so-anonymous SF =)

familymclean said...

Everyone seems to have a different opinion, I think she looks like Dave and his mom, but then sometimes I see Emily, Katie or Daves sis Lori in her. Once you see her in real life it might be easier.