Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New background

Woo-hoo, I am learning new computer stuff. I had been out of the computer loop for the last 6 years and wow, that makes me old school! Working hands on in a dental lab will do that to a person I guess. So whenever I want to do something new I am begging Dave to show me, he's the big comp geek in our house. So today he schooled me in the art of editing HTML. What a blast, mind you my brain hurts a bit but the possibilities are endless, I am so excited! He also installed Photoshop onto my laptop for me so I can do some cool stuff again, yaaa. Tomorrow he's going to install Dreamweaver and Elements for me, even more excited!! So I made up a quick new background. What do you think? This is just a start and I know it's amateur, but hopefully I will get better.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I am so jealous! I really really really wish I new how to get an original background. I mean, the polka dots are part of "The Chatty Housewife" layout, everything matches and everything, but it's BORING! It's one of the Blogger layouts, and that's just lame! I want to be original too! (Whine!)

Great job though. LOL

familymclean said...

Thank you, I will try to explain how to do it for you sometime, I am just not so sure exactly what I am doing yet, I'm still in 'training'.