Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wrap up the week.

Relaxing, Ethan is as cool as always.
Just like mommy. Kaitlyn was playing with her barbie nail polish pretending to polish and file her nails. I brought out the real stuff and she wanted that immediately. So we painted her nails a pretty pale lilac. Emily then wanted hers painted as well and chose a sparkly red, so of course we had to paint Kaitlyn's again. So pretty, she even waited and blew on them as they dried.
Kaitlyn now pushes chairs all over the house, not just around the kitchen. She has realized that if she wants it bad enough, and I wont get it for her, she can drag a chair over and get it herself. 'Out of reach' now means on top of the fridge.
Ethan getting hugged by his little gal pal Hannah, not diggin the chicks just yet!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Aunty Kathy is going to have to shopping for Kaitlin. I think she needs a ton of new nail polish! pinks, purples, what the heck, blue! Miss you guys lots!

familymclean said...

She would love you!!! Not that she doesn't already of course!
Miss you too, you should climb into Mare's suitcase when they fly down.