Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mmmm, chocolate mint!

Friday the 30th, Kaitlyn ate her first ice cream cone. Of course she has had ice cream before, but this was in a cone of her own. She kept looking up at me with almost a guilty look, like, 'mommy are you sure I can have this?' She then went and hid around the corner and just stood there peeking around and licking her cone.

She kept exclaiming "co, co," (cold) then she would blow on it.


Anonymous said...

Grumpy Walter says that Kaitlyn is one "smart" girl as she not only looks like him but has inherited his love of ice cream.
The Grumpys

lori said...

Kaitlyn's ice cream is Auntie lolo's favorite...good girl. I love the picture of her with it dripping down her almost looks like you have twins ethan is so big.

Besos Y Abrasos
The Gomez's

familymclean said...

Hey Grumpys, love and miss you so much! Sweetpea sure is like her Grandpa in the ice cream department!

Lori, you are halfway there! When you get back from Hawaii I hope you can find a way to post some pics. Love and miss you all too!