Monday, April 16, 2007

Feeding the geese.

Last Thursday I took the kids to the park to feed the geese. This was the one thing I promised them we could do while they were staying with us. Every time we tried to go either it was way to cold and we froze and ran home, or the geese weren't there and we froze and ran home!
Kaitlyn chased the geese, calling "duck, duck, duck".
Ethan slept.
Kaitlyn walked all the way from our house, across the grass field to the lake all by herself, it took us forever since she kept running in circles looking for slush to splash in.
In the background is the Mackenzie Art Gallery, somewhere I would love to get my art into one day. I plan on spending many sweltering summer days wandering the cool gallery halls.
The geese gobbled the bread like they had never eaten before, and Kaitlyn did as well, you would swear that sometimes I never feed that kid , But I do, I really do.

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HotRodHanna said...

Looks like she is eating the goose goodies!