Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekend, ahhhhh!

Kaitlyn now pushes chairs all over the kitchen to get into drawers and to play in the sink. She loves water and if I let her she would even do the dishes.Big curl, I wish it would stay when her hair dries. Kaitlyn, if I let her, would bathe all day. Instead she gets at least two a day. Click here for more April pics.

Paul and Marita, I think there just might be little white bells in the future, they sure seem happy enough!
Auntie 'Titi' came out for supper on Sunday as well. Dad actually cooked! We were quite impressed!!!! It was a real nice break for me!


Anonymous said...

nice pictures, see i am evidently looking at your blog.

familymclean said...

who are you?

Paul said...

hey, in that one picture catlyn had swooshed hair like me.. that first post was mine

familymclean said...

oh, thanks, ya she's a cutie just like you;)