Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Spring really is here! We have had a few late snows but it didn't hang around. The buds are on the trees and green grass is poking through. Ahhh, summer is on the way! Sunday afternoon Dave and Kaitlyn hung out in the front yard colouring the sidewalk.
Special daddy time.

My little bumpkins. Kaitlyn is always climbing on something and has to stand, freaks me out but I just can't stand next to her at every moment. Gives me knots in my stomach, it seems I am forever telling her to get down from something, I am so afraid she will hurt herself!
Thank goodness Ethan can still be strapped down, hopefully we have Kaitlyn trained to stay down before he is climbing too.


prettyinpink said...

I love sidewalk chalk! I look forward to getting my students out soon to do some creations!
Anna, I think you are a wonderful photographer! The pics you take of your beautiful kiddos are priceless!

beck said...

Hey thanks for your note! Your kids are adorable - and you're nursing them both!? Supermom!
I'm really bad at "meeting genealogies" but I'll ask my mom if your last name sounds familiar. Though she'll probably want to know your parents names and your maiden name. =)