Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot summer days and a flood.

I have been slacking...I know. It's just that it is now summer and it is way more fun to be outside and doing fun things, visiting family, going for roller blades, having tailgate parties and eating ice cream than sitting down to a computer. (like watching K water the flowers in her winter coat in 23 degree heat, nuts!) I used to go on and check it (mail) every few hours and now, just once in the evening after all the fun has gone to bed.

I have been working my butt off trying to get organized, all the closets and drawers, the out of sight places. To some these spaces do not matter and having the house look clean from a glance is what matters. But, for me I go crazy knowing that it is really a lie and the closets are hiding a deep dark secret. Now that they are neat, aahhh, I can take a breath. But of course this all means that the regular chores have been neglected so I have to play catch up in all the visible spaces. I have also finally gotten to the basement, something that hadn't really happened since we moved in.

Not that I meant to though....it all started with wanting to clean the upstairs bathroom. I wanted a bigger basket to store the bath toys and went on a hunt in the basement. After looking everywhere I remembered that Dave had stuck some stuff in the furnace room...somewhere I have ventured maybe 3 times in the last 7 months. When I went in I noticed water all over the floor, soaked boxes and water leaking under the wall into the office and soaking the floor out there. I could hear a hissing noise and found a hose that had a hole melted in it from being too close to the hot water cooper pipe and it was spraying all over the hot water heater, the floor, and a vent. I think God sent me on that crazy mission this morning, seriously what are the odds?
Needless to say I ended up cleaning the basement today and getting things put away that have been lying around for months. The bathroom still needs cleaning though. I feels really good to get this stuff done....I feel lighter!


Anonymous said...

Hey, good thing you went into that room Anna, who knows how long it had been doing that - eh!
I left you a message after your "new do" pics, I was surprised to not see a reply! Sounds like you're keeping busy, great feeling to get those hidden places cleaned out.
Have a great day!

JeniBeans said...

WOW, that's really great! I really had myself into the Spring Cleaning groove a while back...was posting everything I was doing on my blog so my friends would also get inspired, and they did. However, things happen..I began slacking...kids got sick..we made a few trips here and there and I haven't gotten back into that groove, even though it's now summer. You've given me a bit of a boost in that area! yay! I'm like you in that I believe that the cluttered closets and hidden things are like putting up a front to others...even myself. It's all a LIE! ARGH! LOL I don't feel that my house is clean unless all of that is taken care of and the visible stuff is also done.

Thanks for the extra push I needed today. Back to work I go!

familymclean said...

Sorry Aunt Ded, I meant to, I really did! (I am assuming the first comment was from you) And so here it is...yes I really want to get mom into get her hair done, one of these day's I will drag her down there...about the kitty....when we build a house out on an acerage I will take a few, in the city, hmmm, nah. But thanks anyway, we just can't have one in the house cuz I'm alergic, plus they shed and it would drive me batty. Are you ready for the wedding?

Jenibeans- ya to organization, though it really is a long process for me and never seems to last, boo hoo.
You have been a huge inspiration to me, got me started a few weeks back, thanks!

BeachMama said...

I love organizing things. I just feel, like you, that you spend so much time focusing on one thing that everything else gets behind. Getting caught up is sometimes the hardest part.

beck said...

Good for you to attack those closets!

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to look up your blog and "catch up". What a fun summer you are going to have, with the kids the ages they are!
The house at the end of the street still hasn't sold - waaaayyy overpriced!
Have you talked to Kathryn lately? They are moving to a larger house in Lacombe Park.
Talk to you soon,Rose