Friday, June 08, 2007


I must say that today has been much better. We even had a picnic lunch, in the living room and it was a happy one!

Thank you all of you who care so much and send your love and support through your comments, it really meant a lot to see you reach out, like a big virtual hug.

Last night was horrible. Both kids woke up continually till 1:45am when I brought Ethan in with us and Dave got Kaitlyn at 2:10. She kept waking herself up with coughing and we tried to get some meds into her so she could sleep. Of course it was a huge battle and she spit and spewed and flailed and screamed, she did settle though and nursed for comfort through the rest of the night. Back and forth, and back and forth....needless to say we weren't up till 10:00am. Which was a good thing because we were all rested and much happier today. I did make coffee, yea, off to a great start! My nerves were under wraps and the sun was shining, I hadn't made plans...getting smarter!
Dave came home for lunch as a nice surprise for the kids and then the internet went down and I ended up on the phone with tech support for an hour figuring out what had gone wrong. Needless to say it is running again, but I felt strangely disconnected from my cyber world for a few minutes.Whew!

We then went out and ran errands...sans proper naps!(Ethan snuck in 15 mins during lunch) I had booked a tanning appointment and dropped the kids off at my parents so I could have those few blissful moments to myself. Ahh, total relaxation, no interruptions...for 12 minutes, they were an amazing 12 minutes! I emerged rested and energized, it is amazing what a few minutes can do for a zonked mommy. Here are some pics in my parents front yard of Kaitlyn petting a caterpillar. I freak out when I see a bug, become somewhat paralyzed and screech, I am such a girl. Well, Kaitlyn has seen me do this and started to cry when she came across a bug the other day. I realized I had better suck it up because the last thing we need is a woosy girl. So I have been trying to teach her a little about bugs and leaving the rest of it to those who actually like them. She has come around to them rather quickly and even likes to pet fuzzy ones.

Phil and Em came home with with us and I was able to get some cleaning done, yee-ha, huge step up from yesterday! And we spent the rest of the afternoon with Dora. I think she has managed to make it into almost all of our photos one way or another. This evening we went out to Home Depot to pick up a new BBQ, yee-ha, thank you Grandma and Papa A. The pics of that adventure are in the slideshow below this post. The last pic was taken just before the kids went to sleep tonight. Kaitlyn set all the toys on the couch so they could all watch an episode of Dora together. Awww, hope tonight is better. As I was putting them in their beds, brushing the hair off their little foreheads and kissing their little cheeks it brought tears to my eyes. This is such a privilege to raise these little ones and I just pray that I can be a better mother, more patient and not be snappy and cranky, they don't deserve to be around that. Neither does Dave so I better send up some prayers in the wife departement as well. I know they don't mean to get on my nerves, they just need me, I am their mommy! Sob, sniff....I just love them so much and wish I could show it all the time!


beck said...

You're a WONDERFUL mommy! I'm so glad it was an easier day. Kaitlyn is so cute petting the caterpillar!

Imhiscowgirl said...

Hey Anna, I love reading your blog, although Trev was reading it with me tonight and I said "doesn't that sound like fun" (somewhat sarcasticly) and he acted appaled, we like to joke around, he always pretends that he never wants to have kids, but he'll admit sometimes that it wouldn't be so bad :)

Dustanne said...

From what I are the BEST mom to the children!!!! You love the children dearly and that is what they need.
I get 'excited' sometimes to, and they know that we love them. It is their job to stress us out...hee hee
I will keep you in my prayers as well as the family...
I am glad that things are better today. I love the wonderful photos and I am so glad that you share them with us. Thank you so much.

familymclean said...

Aww, thanks guys, I totally don't deserve it though, my poor kiddos, sometimes I need to take a time out!

Peyton Family said...

I'm so glad that today was a little easier. I hope your babies start to feel better soon! Remember, a little play time for mom = a much happier mom. =) You're in our thoughts and prayers!