Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good-bye roots!

We all slept in this morning, not that we needed it though. Kaitlyn slept through the night for THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! Ethan slept well too, I could hardly believe it. You would have thought we would be up bright and early and super chipper, however we hung out in bed till 10:30 lazing around together, it was awesome! We finally ate breakfast at 11:20 and since it was almost lunch I waited half an hour and ate lunch too. I feel like I have an empty leg or two, I could probably eat every hour if I didn't control myself, sigh, I love food!! I am so afraid of this catching up with me and seriously hope I am not so hungry once finished breast feeding!
After lunch we went for a quick walk over to the gallery for Bazaart-the annual art and craft show and sale which happens to be a fundraiser for something undisclosed, I am guessing the gallery? All the research I did turned up nothing, I was not impressed! Turns out it is $4 per person to get onto the grounds and basically all it was was a farmers market sans the veggies. We didn't have change and when asked if the gallery had a cash machine were told the closest was at the rehab center down the street. Great planning Gallery! I would kick you if it hurt! At the info counter there were many other people getting ushered in the direction of the rehab place, disgruntled, unimpressed people like us. Rather than go find the machine (minimum 30 mins out of our schedule) we skipped over a parking lot curb and did a quick 10 min pass through the place and headed back home. There were over 100 booths and I would say 75% were all pottery. We had a tight schedule for the afternoon so we didn't stick around----or I would have gone and gotten the 8 dollars admission. As it was I didn't feel bad at all since we just breezed through and carried on with our errands, definitely not worth the price of entrance!
Later in the afternoon D man dropped me off at the salon to get my hair done-finally!! I was about a month overdue, it seemed every time I called it just didn't work out time wise. So yaaaahhhhh, no more roots! And I got bangs, not sure of them just yet, we'll see once I have to do them myself, I asked for a change, so this is what I got!
Crossing my fingers for another good night!


beck said...

Cute hair! Love it. I'm scared of bangs for myself...

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!

I really like your bangs. They are very stylish.

love Aunty Kathy

familymclean said...

Aww thanks gals, you make my head swell. I have to try to style them myself now, so we'll see if I ever look that good again.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair Anna, Now you have to get your mom there for a "new do" I just love checking your blog daily, not that I have had a chance to do that daily recently.
Your a great mom! Enjoy the time with them while they're YOUNG. And when you need a kitty, let us know!
Aunt Deb :)