Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perfect Indian summer day

We had one fun filled full day today. Started the day with a little demolition and a crunch to the park. Dave started reno's this morning, knocking out the wall between our bedroom closet and the second and smaller closet in Ethan's room. Our closet is so small I cannot believe that for 60 years people have lived with it. Even to switch clothes out seasonally doesn't work, so soon it should be more than double it's size.
To keep the kids out of his hair, since of course with all the banging and excitement they wanted to be in the thick of it, so I marched them off for a walk to the park. What an amazing morning. No wind, warm sun and crispy foliage. The perfect Indian summer day!

Mid morning we got a call that everyone was heading out to the cottage for the day. Work got put on hold for play. How could we not take advantage of this amazing weather, I am sure there wont be many more days like this to enjoy this year, so off we went.

I have never loved fall like I have this year. To me it always symbolized the end of summer and that depressed me. However this year I have decided to just enjoy whatever and all that I can, and after an especially hot summer I cannot tell you how welcome this fall weather has been. Even the smells and sounds and the beautiful colours I am experiencing like never before. If is funny when you decide to find the joy in something how your whole perspective can change, I absolutely love it!!! Crunch, crunch!!

We spent a lot of time down at the water, searching for treasures, cray fish, petrified wood and bones. There is always something fun waiting to be discovered under the next rock or behind a fallen branch. Or of course in Ethan's case there is always sea weed to be harvested and tasted.

"Hey man, I'm gonna get ya" He seems to know what to do with a gun.....gopher hunting! Gangsta style.
"Gottcha, ha, ha!" Can't even talk, but sure picks up quick watching his uncle Phil playing with the big kids.

"Hey daddy, going hunting, I see the prey, come on follow me this way!"

Towards the end of the afternoon we were all winding down and so it was craft time. I had taken out the paints and knew there was a project begging to be worked on. The sing at the top of the hill hadn't been painted since I first painted it as a kid and it was weathered badly and faded. Mom had picked up a few wood plant stands at a garage sale so we got busy painting them.

At dust the wind dyed down and the lake became calm. I just love this time of day, it is so still and peaceful, I could just sit down by the water and soak it up every night, I hope someday we can....keeping the dream alive. Dave, Phil and Em went for a canoe ride-paddle-row, not sure what you would call it, over to the boat launch to take it in for the winter.
Then to wrap up the day we sat around the fire and talked and shared in each others mini adventures throughout the day. These are the kind of days I wish would just last forever. and ever and ever. Awesome! Thank you Lord!


MJ said...

What a lovely day you had! What a great idea to set aside work to enjoy an autumn day! Winter comes too soon!

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have spent the day with you - looks like a lot of fun!
Love the family pic and the one of Dave and Kaitlyn! Know what we want for Christmas??????
Counting the days til you get here.
Love the Grumpys

BeachMama said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the Fall weather. We seem to be stuck in Summer here, but that is all good with me. I do love the colours though, hopefully winter will be short for all of us.

Amy.E said...

Love the paddling picture! I wanna go!