Friday, September 07, 2007


So I promised a post---the other night, and as you see it took me a while to get back here. Sometimes I get caught up in life and blogging takes a back seat. Sorry folks.

OK this is what I was getting too when I mentioned that I had a subject yet to be sorted out. Cameras. Ugh, what a process this has been. Night upon night online reading reviews researching what we think we want in our next camera.

Of course this all had to stem from something. After all my dear little Sony DSC-W1 taken 18,524 pictures to date and I have loved it dearly. (we bought it in 2004)
However I have not treated it with the respect it deserved. It has suffered a few hard blows...6 or 7 I think. Down a few flights of stairs and out of the diaper bag, off a stack of books and other stuff onto the cement sidewalk, even knocked out of a hand and smashed on the road...oh, and fell off a car once too.

So it is actually a bit of a surprise that it has come so far, poor thing. If I would only use the darn case this whole post and accompanying angst could have been avoided. However I do feel that I have gotten my use out of it.....that is a lot of pictures you know!

Anyway, due to the few accidents it has seen... it has a few bangs, actually every corner is smashed, (thank goodness it was metal!) and the door that hold the batteries has broken off, (sigh, it is likes it's life source is exposed and surgery is required) and I am afraid that the jars have left it a little dopey. The picture quality has deteriorated and I am getting a little more washed out photos and it is struggling to focus, maybe glasses is what it needs.

As a result of these sad circumstances we have decided it is time for a new camera.(sob) I can't believe this brought a lump to my throat---I didn't really sob, it just fit that spot. We have been through a lot together!

Our first digi wasn't so lucky, we only had a year and a bit together before it was stolen. It was slow anyway and mega-pixel challenged, that was back in the day when 3 mega-pixels cost us $600.00!!!

Getting back to our story....after much research and debate we settled on the Canon S5 IS. Not our first choice, but we thought it would give us more options. We had our hearts set on a Digital SLR, but then we had to give up live view(most models) and video, so they were out.

Turns out I am just not a clunky camera kinda chic and lugging around this clunker has been a pain in the behind! Not only that I have discovered I am also a point and shoot kinda girl, hence the 3000 pic's a month.
So I have also found the new camera a little heavy, doesn't fit in my pocket and and too many adjustments and not the quality it promised. The photos are no better than the old cameras...though I am sure this is because I have to do too many manual adjustments or....haven't read the book.
Anyway, it is going back were it came from and a new one is now in the mail. I really hope it is more suited to our needs, size wise I know it will be. We will see I guess when it arrives....which also brings stress. It is last years model (Canon SD700) and was gone quick. We did manage to track one down in Edmonton so I hope int comes safely!

This sums up the camera scoop, ugh, ugh, ugh!!!! I just want a great quality point and shoot with fast shutter speed! I could go on but then I would never be happy so.......oh, and wouldn't either....that is if you made it this far anyway, blah!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I hope you like your new camera, we have a new one too! I think i need you to show me how to use it! Chuck and I have booked our tickets and will be arriving in Regina on the 13th of October at 9:17am. Looking forward to seeing you all - love you.
Grandma and poppa

The Chatty Housewife- said...

We have a Kodak EasyShare C663 and LOVE it. It takes great pictures lol. I love cheap cameras. I have used a lot of expensive cameras and come out with worse pictures than the ones this takes. I hope your new one suits you well and the camera frustrations are OVER! :)

nicole said...

I responded on my blog about your camera query...Sony cybershot is what we use for our "kick around" Happy Photo taking!

prettyinpink said...

I am a point and shoot kinda gal. Hope the new one captures many more beautiful pics.

HotRodHanna said...

I remember the many hours online pouring over reviews too before I got my digital camera. I ended up getting a Canon Powershot S80. It's a bit bulky but I really like it. I hope you like yours when it arrives!