Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little monkeys

"Look ma, no hands!" Gymnastics has turned out to be really fun, kinda wish we could go every day. Kaitlyn has been having a blast and improving already, walking on the balance beam without holding the hoop and did a summer sault without the teachers help, of course after words she stood and waited for every one to clap at her accomplishment, I obliged, I was as excited as she was.

Ethan was in all his glory...can't you tell, riding around on the toys, sliding down the slides and playing with balls and trains.

Today was not great. Last night was tough, the best sleep I got was the two hour stretch between 2 and 4am. They were both up, it seemed hourly before and after that. Then to top it off they were both up and ready to go at 6:45 am. Yuck!!!! I do not function at that hour, even with coffee. I ended up spending the first few hours laying on the living room floor with two little monkeys crawling all over me. My eyes hurt, brain hurt and I was moving like a slug. I sooo badly need more sleep. Ya I should probably be in there now considering Ethan went down at 7 and Kaitlyn at 9, they will most likely be up with the birds again. I have already been up with both of them 4 times in the last few hours.
I sure wish I could figure out how to get them to sleep better.
Anyway after we all had naps around noon we headed out of the house for a walk. I was hoping that the fresh air would help with my sleepy head since the nap just wasn't effective, I am guessing because I had guzzled coffee to try and shake my self awake.

The play time in the park was actually really nice, just escaping the pile of dishes and Dora was a nice break.

Tonight Dave took Kaitlyn out shopping and I crashed with Ethan at 7 for an hour, I feel a little better, but am going to hit the sack now. I am sooooo beat!

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The Chatty Housewife- said...

I remember that feeling of the gymnastics gym the smell of chalk, all the fun things to play on. It always looked like so much fun and I wanted to run and jump into the sponge pit but was never allowed. I am glad your kids have fun there!