Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun stuff

Despite the few things that I am still unsure of about this camera there are things I really like. In the first picture is one of the things I don't like, darkening in the corners, common with super compact cameras...I am told. And the second picture is something I am really impressed with. The macro is fantastic....if you only want to focus on one thing though...but you can nearly touch the lens!

Now for one of my favourite features. Color accents, where you choose the color you want in the photo and the rest is in B & W.

I am still trying to make the focus work for me. Seems touchy, I wish it would focus everything it sees!

Always seems to be one or the other, is this normal????

Now since you are most likely bored to tears with my camera conquest, here is some news!
On Monday Kaitlyn started gymnastics, and she was awesome! Turns out the parent has to be hands on so I had to strap Ethan into the snugglie. Kaitlyn walked the balance beams, jumped on the trampolines, crawled through tunnels, climbed ladders, hopped through hoops, did somersaults and slid down slides.
Some of the kids there were cranky, threw fits and screamed...a lot. I think they were just too young, more like Ethan's age and they couldn't do any of the things the teacher was teaching, the parent basically carried them through the course. We had a ton of fun though and at the end there is a big play area with cars, forts, balls and toys.
Enough of the news, back to the camera....I am almost done with all this, normal post should follow!
See the above, wont let me focus both of them, I really want that!

I am so sick of this! I am sure you are too, and just imagine, Dave puts up with this all the time!


Anonymous said...


It is wonderful that Kaitlyn is starting gymnastics! I can't wait to see more pictures of her on the equipment.

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time in getting a digital camera. If you don't decide to keep the new one, I can tell you how my new one is. That is when I get it in October. I chose it for a service award. I think that it is a Canon of some sort. Sorry I'm not really into the make and model.
But I will keep you informed.

I had better get back to work.

Love you lots!!

Aunty Kathy

JeniBeans said...

I'm no expert, Anna, but I doubt you WILL find a camera that will allow you to focus two different subjects at the same time with them being that far apart. It's impossible, isn't it? YI mean, you have to pick if you want to focus on what is far or near but you can't do both, just like our eyes can't. KWIM? I love how it does the color and black and white thing though. MY BIL's camera does that too and he's taken some smooth shots with it.

Hmm, wonder if mine would.

Anonymous said...

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familymclean said...

Dear anonymous balloon commentor,
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Oh Baby Gifts said...

jenibeans is correct. The camera could only focus on one thing at a time. There's a revolutionary new camera coming out that has more than 20 lenses on it (looks like those bugs with hundreds of eyes) so it can focus on everything in the picture. I saw it featured in a tech magazine, Its really cool. I used to take photography and while most mid-range cameras do their job the one thing i suggest to all my friends is to make sure the camera has a little feature called 'image stabilization'. It pretty much speaks for itself. Don't buy a camera without it!