Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Need Help!

I need help on this one, let me know what you think. Here is our bathroom. I really didn't like it when we moved in but the wood has really grown on me. However it still looks very outdated. I am looking for suggestions to make it look more modern without breaking the bank. I think that new flooring is a must, and a place to start, though I am unsure of what would look best. Any ideas?


The Chatty Housewife said...

I am horrible, but I would paint the wood cream and the walls tan or some other neutral color. It would look cleaner, newer and more modern. See... I AM horrible! All those wood lovers out there are cringing. It's a cute bathroom though and really is fine how it is. I like the "bath" decoration a lot.

familymclean said...

Thanks it was $9.00 at Winners.
I actually really like your idea, I wonder if the wood could still breath, I should look into that!

Anonymous said...


Sand,use a good oil primer and prime the wood. Then I agree with your friend to paint the wood in a off white colour, similar to the tub and sink colour. Then I would paint the walls in a light green, not mint! and this would make it spa like! I only use Benjamin Moore colours here, let me know if you need a colour name.Also paint the heat register on the wall the same as the wall colour. The wood look is very 70's and cottage looking.
Love Auntie Tracy

familymclean said...

Hi Auntie Tracy.
I totally agree!!! If you can get me paint color names that would be awsome. The walls are wallpapered above the wood with plaster board under it, do you have any ideas to get the wallpaper off?
Thanks for the advice, it's awsome to hear from you, hope your knee gets better soon!
Love you.