Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just Because

Fresh out of the bath. Ethan doesn't mind getting bathed, but he doesn't get excited, once he can sit on his own it should be more fun.

Ethan loves to go in his jumeperoo, he has figured out how to make the music play but hasn't quite figured out the whole jumping thing.
The other day we introduced Kaitlyn to play-dough. She wasn't quite sure what to do with it and seemed to be more interested in the containers they came in and all the accessories.

Kaitlyn loves hats, here she is modeling a few of them. She even tries to wear Ethans and some of her doll hats, they don't fit so well and she gets a little frustrated.
Here's Ethan checking out the high chair. Kaitlyn didn't seem to like him in it and got a little upset, pointing and chattering something to him in not her most pleasant voice. We figured it meant she wanted him out and once we took him out she was happy. She will have to get used to it soon though because she'll be moving to her big girl booster soon.

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