Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy New Year

We started off our new year not feeling so well. New years eve Kaitlyn woke up with the flu, that afternoon Dave started to get sick. Kaitlyn and daddy just laid around the whole day. The next day everyone seemed better so we went out to Katie's for dinner. Kaitlyn didn't eat much and didn't seem like herself, she then got sick again later that evening. Well that evening was my turn to be sick, not fun at all but I was glad to get it over with!! Ethan was the only one not to get sick and I'm glad, that would have been awful! The rest of the week Kaitlyn kept getting sick off and on and just never seemed to return to her normal self. She helped take down the tree and pack up all the decorations but never got really excited about anything, it was quite strange. By friday she seemed to be getting dehydrated and was still getting sick so we took her to emergency. I'll tell you all about that on the next post.

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