Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Big Move

The time to move came so quickly, it seemed like we had hardly listed and then we were out of the house!!
We listed with the agent on a Thursday night, with the house going on the market Friday morning. We had an offer by 10:00 am that day! We were so unsure if it was the right thing to do and prayed that if it was the Lords will for us to move, that it would sell quickly. It was like He was pushing us out the door!
It was hard to get the house ready and we had a lot of help.
Dave's friend Mike helped finish the basement, doing all the trim work, hanging doors, and mouldings, it was beautiful!!!
We had a lot of help with cleaning and packing as well, Thank you to all of you who made the move so much easier.
Who knew that with two babies it would be so hard!

The house was so clean, and so empty, what an odd feeling!
It seemed that we had finally just gotten things the way that we wanted them and could sit back and relax.....but no, on to the next place, and next project!

Bye-bye old house!!
That was tough driving away for the last time, very emotional!!!
Though we were only there for a couple of years we had made a lot of memories there, and many great friends!!!!

Saying good-bye to Grandma Rose was very hard, we saw her almost every day.
She was such a huge help to me day to day, and an amazing friend, I miss having her right next door!!
We spent many hours hanging out watching the girls scrapbook, and visiting. Rose is a Creative Memories consultant and has her house set up to scrapbook all the time.
Though I didn't make it over there to scrapbook till right before we moved she still really inspired me and I hope to get my albums caught up soon.

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