Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute as a.....

button...or two.

Buttons! Love em!
Mind you they are a pain in my you know what to sweep up and I will most likely be finding them around the house for weeks....they still beats sparkles!

Kaitlyn quickly sorted out her "favite colours."

A little word in with the buttons. Not something big but it jumped out at me and smacked me in the face. I need to make it a priority to be and look for happiness all through the day.

A part of this realization was to really choose my battles and even if I don't feel like putting in the effort and to just enjoy the mess making along with the kids.
I started to freak out a bit and asked Ethan to stop sweeping buttons off the table, then Kaitlyn joined in, I was not happy. Then I saw the delight in thir little faces as the sunlight bounced off the buttons as they flew onto the floor.
I smiled, I lost that battle, and I am glad.

Of course I put them to work sweeping up the mess.

However Kaitlyn doesn't quite get how to make propper piles and swept up little piles all the way over to where I was sitting.
Despite the mess I had a lump in my throat, I just love these little munchkins and feel so blessed to be able to hang out with them day in and day out.
I sure have my moments where I feel like yanking every last strand of hair out of my head but they are fleeting and I just have to think about how awesome these little ones are for the next moment and it brings me to tears of love and gratitude. I love them!
The occasional break is welcome however and this Sunday I had a treat day and made a few cards at a party.

Cute huh?!

Tonight I picked up Emily and we headed to It's a Blast for a few hours. It is such a fun place to go when we are feeling cooped up...we expeled tons of energy (thank you 2 hour naps) and got our seretonin levels on the move.

"Yay, mommy"

Stolen kiss.

Now since I have been absent again a few days, not intended, but I have been working on the messes around here... I will bring you up to date on yesterday.

Since the big talk with Dave about our love life, kids, housework and everything else in between I have been working hard on change.
I made lists, charts and schedules, stayed up at night plotting what I would do to make things right.
The answer to my problem...go shopping!

Why do I always cock my head like that?!

Doesn't shopping always fix everything?
I actually hit up a consignment store a few blocks away and snagged all these outfits...3 tops, a jacket, and 3 skirts for under $100 bucks. I am happy!
Now my pact is to dress up every day....well at least try to be pretty. No more 3 days in the same pair of jeans and same t-shirt and a pony tail. I am going to mix it up, wear a few skirts and even wear socks and shoes!
I hate socks!
This is a big deal for me.
And make-up, I will put on eye brows...didn't you know?
They are transparent, I have to draw them on. Scary!
Moving on...again.

Baking cookies at 11:00 PM. The whole sleep schedule is going ok. The days Kaitlyn does not have a nap she is down by 9. The days the she has a nap there is no way to get her down early.
Seems to be every 3 or four days, kind of a cycle.
Now just to work it into my charts, hmmmm.



SAJ said...

1. YOU are cute as a button even with drawn on eyebrows. I wish I could share some of mine.

2. Where and how did you get so many buttons? Do you collect them? Are you a sewer? Wowie Zowie!

3. totally cute outfits!

4. I hear you on the charts. Sometimes I feel like an office manager in my house. What's for dinner tonight? Hmmm... let me check my spreadsheet.

Kami said...

I love how you cock your head, it's your trademark and it looks good on you!

I need to hit that consignment store, those are very cute outfits :-)

I LURVE our schedule, I would wither up and die without it. It guarantees me time and that is very important to us Mommy's. You will get there. You are already well on your way.

Sandy said...

Great outfits!!

I confess that I am wearing a ponytail again today but you did motivate me to wear jeans instead of sweats and I put some make up on :)
Oh and I hear you on the eyebrows, mine are pretty much invisible -- and these days they get very little attention.

Melanie said...

Where is that consignment store? I need clothes. Mine are all falling off me. I have Chrons disease and stress and such cause me to lose weight. Plus I'm nursing a 7 month old who sucks me try and takes everything from me.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I want those buttons.

I want the denim skirt in the first photo.

I want kids to make messes in my house.

I want to be as slim as you lol!

I want, I want, I want... you are blessed Anna. :)

You inspired me to be more careful about my appearance as well. I have tons of nice clothes that I never wear, so I should just start wearing them and put the stretchy pants and cotton tees in a box somewhere. One good thing though is that I am losing weight, yay!

Hannah said...

I love buttons too. Good on you for letting the kids play with them ... I am pretty sure I would have been a mean mummy and said "no". Hmmm, lesson for me there!

LOVE your new outfits - you are so cute!

Anonymous said...

super cute outfits! And I bet your DH is going to LOVE that plaid skirt outfit;). I agree on those buttons, those are AWESOME!!!!!


Karen MEG said...

I'm just catching up on some of your posts Anna, and what SWEET outfits you've picked up at the consignment store!!! I used to love shopping vintage etc. before we moved to the burbs. They have a Value Village up here but like I really have the time to pore through the racks!
It's important to make yourself feel good, so dress it up doll!
I like your "head thing" too, it looks great on you ;)