Friday, February 15, 2008

Pertty petals

Today was super full and waaaay too long! I am toast!
However there are a ton of pictures with caption so you can see our journey.
I would blog them but my gosh...there are 38 photo's, I would be sitting here till this time tomorrow waiting for them all to upload!
There was a few cute moments not captured on is one that I remember.
I walked into Kaitlyn's room to see what she was up to, she had been quiet for a while so I thought I had better see what she was up to.
She was laying on the floor in her lady bug costume, on her back, not moving and with her face turned towards her bed.
I asked, "Kaitlyn, are you having a nap?"
She said, "No, I am looking at my bed!"
She then turned and gave me a look that read, "are you nuts?!"
I remember one other moment.
I was baking cookies and once again I realized it had gotten quiet, usually not a good sign so I went on the hunt.
I checked ever room, started to panic and ran back peeking into every room again, where were they?!
Did the rapture happen and I get left behind?
I was freaking a little when I heard a tiny noise from Kaitlyn's room. I rushed back...i had been there twice already, how did I miss them?
I walked in and there they were, in her closed with a pile of toys playing together quietly, in their 'fort'.
Sigh, a golden moment.


Family Adventure said...

Building a fort with your sibling. Beautiful!

Glad you had a good, although busy day :)


Kami said...

Ah, what sweet moments! Glad you took the time to enjoy them :-)

hannah said...

The photos on Flickr are great! I love all the Valentine's crafts, your kids have the most fun life!

So important to remember and capture the special moments :-)

drowninginlaundry said...

They are getting so big!
Those little moments are so sweet, I am happy you wrote them down on the blog so you would remember them.

drowninginlaundry said...

My only problem with Wordpress is that it was a complete pain to use with Safari as your browser. It lost my formatting almost every time. So now I blog out of a Firefox window, and I really don't have many problems at all anymore!

The only thing that irks me is that you have to pay for the "right" to change the code or to write your own code. Thats a bit of a pisser, but I was spending so much time playing with code, it is probably a good thing it got taken away from me!

Badness Jones said...

I love that paper flower! Your kids are so sweet....wanna trade?