Friday, February 08, 2008

All mushy and fuzzy inside

Yesterday we took the kids to our family doctor for their follow up appiontment...from when Ethan had the ear infection a few weeks ago.

Notice in the photo above how Kaitlyns knees cave in a bit...this has concerned me and we had both kids feet looked at. They are both flat footed and are now to see a pediatrist. Whoo-hoo, what fun! (not really)

Now for a change of subject ( I will do this a few times this post) I got Caught Being Good by CC. I think she is the one who deserves this award more than anyone...she is an amazing wife and mother and plugs through whatever life slings at her. She is real and honest and has a beautiful loving and passionate spirit.

Here are the rules that come with this sticker:
1. Choose 3 people you want to reward for their good bloggy behavior. (I say if you don’t have three that’s ok. Pick one person.)
2. Link them in a post along with the “Caught Being Good” sticker.
3. Let them know they’ve been “Caught Being Good” and encourage them to pay it forward (if they feel like it).
That’s it! Go spread some linky love. You don’t have to be nominated to nominate someone but these writers are my picks:

a)Chatty housewife, becuase she is always consistent and upbeat. Her passion show through in every post and her photography is awesome! She is also a demestic diva and I think we are due for another one of her domestic tips post (wink, wink)

b)Second up is Kami. She is a relativly new blogging friend and one who has crossed over into my real life. She is funny and her posts always make me either smile or laugh. I need this!

c)My old friend Sandy. She is an amazing homemaker and mommy and is expecting her second child. She also works from home, chases around a two year old, cooks fantastic food, looks hot and still keeps it all together. I really don't know how she does it!!!

Now I will get back to my little life. As you all must know by now I looooove me some non-bill mail! Packages make my day, I smile and smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
It is like getting a little love or a hug, it just adds a big bright hue to the day.
This week has been great for this!
On Monday we got a package from Nicole. She was so sweet to send me a tote (she is the queen of totes) and it has a design by one of her talented sister's on it, cute heh?!!
The other thing she included in the package was dish soap, amazing earth friendly dish soap with no SLS!
My hands are no longer bleeding from one load of dishes! This stuff is fantastic and it smells good too! My eczema is under control for the first time in months, I cannot thank you enough Nicole!!

Oops, I am goin to change the subject again....not smooth here today!

First craft of the day was making hand shaped Valentines...for each other.

After that little break the door bell rang and we were delivered a party in a box, Thank you Aunty Kathy!!!
The kids had a blast opening and playing with everything...and they still are, this box will keep us going for weeks!

The second craft of the day came from the party box and ended up being a pretty little necklace for Kaitlyn.

Now for what I have been up to. The kids went down early last night (8 and 9) so I tackled my computer chair. I had Dave haul it out of the trash behind our old appartment down town Edmonton...when we were first married. He didn't want it because it was only adding to the stash of stuff we had crammed in the tiny space.
I had a vision for it though and since we were moving into our first house right away he let me keep it....on the balcony.
It then spent a few years kicking around in the garage at our first house, endured the move with us here and then hung out in the basement.
Last night I finally got to work on it!

Like the new fabric? I have quite a collection of samples like this one. I save them for more projects in my head that haven't happened yet.

It is almost done, still needs a few more coats but I am sooo happy, finally a project that I had in my head years ago is coming to fruition...this is why I have such a hard time purging, I always want to rescue and refurbish everything!


Kami said...

Aw thanks Anna! You are so sweet :-)

Love the chair, you are so talented!

Anonymous said...


Hugs and Kisses to you, Dave and the kids...this is a comment to all of the posts I have missed recently.

1)your chair looks awesome, I am thinking about doing the dining room chairs and I love the fabric you used.

2)good job on the de-clutter, I know its hard and it's always on going in my house. We painted Alex's room last weekend and you would not believe the things we threw out!!

3) I am proud of you and Dave for working so hard at a schedule. Once we got Alex on a schedule our whole lives changed,(he just turned 13 and could still nap after school)
Fernando and I got spend some time together and everyone was happier and healthier. Tony.. well he always slept great and now that he is 15 all he wants to do is sleep. It will be hard but you guys will get through it. One of your friends mentioned doing everything around your schedule and making it the rule, I think thats a great idea. You guys are on the way to seeing a schedule become a reality!

The pictures are great as usual and one day I will update my blog.

Love Lori

Badness Jones said...

Girl - I don't know where you find the energy! Bottle some up and send it my way, m'kay? Seriously, the chair looks great, and you are so good about doing crafts with your kids....I'm worried that if the Princess finds out about you she'll pack up and leave me to find you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got Aunty Kathy's box.
I will let her know.
She is on her way to recovery with the wheelchair, walker, crutches, lots of books,the remote and the phone, etc.
Funeral was yesterday so now all she has to do is get better.
Love to all,

Kimberley said...

LOVE the chair! Too bad about htat yellow coat but thats just a little unreal of a price. The knock-off homeade version is going to kick-butt though. I'm excited to see the result!!

Hannah said...

Wow, the chair looks amazing! Is there anything you CAN'T do??

And I just love the idea of a party in a box, what a neat gift!

cc said...

Flat feet mean no more flip flops or shoes without good arch support. In other words, no more payless shoes for the kids.

I hope the appointments go well and aren't to hard on all of you.

Don't forget to go to enter the BLogHer contest to win a chance to attend BlogHer 2008. Well that is if you want to create an account and such. They run the ads on our pages.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I am so honored and will most likely get around to posting my three on Wednesday. I think it's funny how you gave me a "good blogger" award and called me consistent on a day that I skipped blogging lol. So funny. We were in Kirkland, so I didn't blog. I do try really hard to consistently blog, and also to be consistent in other areas of my life as well. Thank you so much for calling me a domestic diva. He he. I am not sure when another household hints post might come up. I really don't! I'm all outa hints for now. My biggest hint right now would be to make a 101 in 1001 list like Jody did. Make it specific and make it things that only take effort- not a lot of money or work on someone else's part. That way it is only up to your own will and strength to get it done. I added a lot of household jobs to mine and I think it is really going to help me get those done, as well as half finished projects.

You always get the longest comments. I have never seen a blog with comments as long as yours are!

Angela Fehr said...

Love the chair, Anna. Looks great! It feels so good to spruce up your space, doesn't it? I love that about being home full time - I have time to look around and think up ways to decorate and change things - I've made a lot of stuff for my house - that would be a good blog post - I should get the camera and post some pics too!

Elaine A. said...

Hi, I got here through Kami, since she passed on the "Caught Being Good" to me. How nice...

Anywho, I just had to say that I LOVE the new look on your chair. That is one of my favorite little projects, recovering a chair, b/c it's so easy and provides pretty instant gratification!