Monday, February 11, 2008

A little chill and California dreamin...

I have so much to share and I figured I would just upload into flickr. However my uploader seems to have zonked out on me tonight and I have way too many pic to upload onto here...I would be up all night, well for what is left of it.

So, I will get them onto flickr tomorrow.

Dave worked all weekend and with the weather being brutally truck almost didn't even start, it laboured and fought before turning over.

Poor thing!

It is so cold and windy that when we did venture out to get groceries the wind actually caught my breath and made me cry out. It hurt!

Now I realize I should not whine about the cold, there are millions of people who suffer through it and worse, I should really count my blessings!!!

I have a warm home and loving family, the bills are paid and food is on the I just have to paint my butt off and sell some art so I can go to BlogHer '08....wish me luck!


Kami said...

It's ridiculous out....our van won't even start. Gotta love this province.

You are making me want to go to Blogher too but I really really can't! Not after our trip ;-)

nicole said...

blogher eh? do you need a place to on hotel? We have room and you just might inspire me to attend. think about. we live across the bay and near BART into SF.

BeachMama said...

It was bitter here today too! Many, many layers just to walk the five minutes to school. Brr.... It's almost over though!!

Karen MEG said...

Blogher 08, wow, if you can make it you should go! San Fran is a beautiful city!
It's pretty darn cold here too, but likely nothing like your neck of the woods!