Friday, February 22, 2008

Plunging with my bottle cleaner

Guess I wont be using this scrubbie for bottles any more.

This afternoon we went out to go swimming with mom the kids, Aunt Deb and 2 cousisns. I had somehow screwed up the swim times and when we got there only had 25 mins to swim. They let us in for free but it was barely enough time to get wet.
It was fun anyway and after our little toe wetting we hit up McD's for coffee and a snack.

Cheeky monkey.

Totally rolled out of the wrong side of the bed. (Not really but she had the funniest look and the worst post swim hair ever)

Does this make my head look big?

Did I ever tell you that once upon a time I illustrated a book?
Well I did. Click here to see all the drawings.
Don't look to closely at the drawings....I was only 17 at the time. It is still in circulation too, ack!

Sorry for this lameo short post. Dave came home tonight after a few days out of know what this means;)
Good night!


Kami said...

Have fun for swimming round two!

ICK on the bottle scrubber but I love that she uses her imagination to mimick her parents :-)

Happy Weekend!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I remember when you got your own copy of the book after you illustrated it and it was printed. I was so proud of you! I have my own copy now and I think I am 1/2 way through reading it from a billion years ago. I should go pick it up and finish it!

Kimberley said...

Hey! I have that book too! I don't think I've ever read it. I love buttons too... I don't know why but they are so fun! I have a ton I use for scrapbooking and cards...

Hannah said...

Wow, the book illustrations are great! Especially for a teenager. Very cool that you can say you've done that :-)

Great photos too!!! LOL at the bottle scrubber used to clean the potty! :-)

Angela Fehr said...

We have the same potty! Don't know where our lid ended up...I got it out of storage the other day, had some hare-brained idea that I'd start training my 20 month old son - that lasted about 5 minutes! I'm going to wait till he's two now, same as I did with the girls.

Glad to see you're painting again!