Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finally...her day, a day late.

Here is that cake, the one I laboured 3 hours to decorate....well off and on between kiddo interruptions and poor little Kaitlyn didn't even get to enjoy it.

The whole reason I never got the chance to post was that Kaitlyn ended up with the stomach flu and I hit the sack with Ethan at 9:30 so I would have the energy to get up with her throughout the night.

Anyway here was our day....

We started the day early, did some shopping, got a birthday balloon and had the intentions of getting her a new outfit at the consignmet shop but could only find stuff for Ethan. Ended up with a pair of boots and some fleece winter pants....hoping he will grow into them sometime this year or next. However Kaitlyn was ecstatic about her balloon and it went everywhere with us all day.
While she was having her nap....with her balloon, I made her a party hat, with Dora on it of course. I had saved the extras from last year but they were all princess hats and well, she just isn't into that this year.

Sorry if this is all sounding so un-animated and boring, I am so tired and feel a little toast, so my interesting part of my brain is already asleep.

These are the boots I got for Ethan and they ended up fitting Kaitlyn so she has claimed them for now and is wearing them all the time-even with dresses, and it is actually kinda cute.

For supper we went to It's a Blast, and since Em was discharged from the hospital they came too. (mom, dad and Em) We had Phil already. As we were waiting to eat Kaitlyn got sick, we figured just from all the activity, but it happened again on the way home in the truck, so we knew, she had the flu.

She still managed through gift opening, happy, but by the time the cake came around she was ready for the next round of hurls and as we ate she got sick. The house cleared quickly and she snuggled up with daddy for the rest of the evening.
Thank you all for the great gifts and $$$, we will put it away for her and her needs as they come....most likely winter clothes.

And my little Ethan...he rode his car around the room for all to see and showed off his newly acquired crawling skills, he is motoring and getting into everything, and then exploring what he finds with his mouth, boy have I got to watch this one!!!
Anyway, that was her day. I must say today was much better, she was back to her normal self and we had to have her balloon refilled so she could take it everywhere with us today.

I am sooooooooooo beat, good-night!


JeniBeans said...

Aww, happy birthday anyway. Maybe you can enjoy the cake now that you're feeling better.

You did SUCH a great job on the cake! WOW, I wish I could do that for my kids. I usually end up going to Kroger or Walmart. But I think this next birthday I might actually give it a shot. You've inspired me!

Take care of everyone! Sure hope no one else gets the sickies. =(

The Chatty Housewife- said...

That cake looks so professional! I hope everyone is feeling better. Is Em ok? I never heard she was in the hospital.

familymclean said...

Thank you both! Ya she is feeling better though she had a few more rounds of throwing up last night and this morning. Hope it's over now!

Ya, em is fine now, on meds for a pretty bad bladder infection. She was in the hospital for a few days cause she also fad the flu and was dehydrated.

HotRodHanna said...

Fantastic cake! Great job

Oh Baby Gifts said...

got any leftovers? :P

That cake looks delicious!!!

BeachMama said...

Happy Belated Birthay!! I hope that the flu passed quickly and nobody else caught it. And hopefully you were able to save her some cake to eat later :).

prettyinpink said...

The cake is amazing...another example of your artistic talents...hey can I book you in 2010 for a 1st birthday cake...teehee