Thursday, August 09, 2007

Morning walk

So this morning I was tired, I had stayed up late painting and watching 'Silent Hill' out of the corner of my eye. I hate scary movies but am totally intrigued at the same time. Dave likes them so I peek, still creeps me out but I can't help it. Anyway...I was tired this morning but I knew I would have a full day so to get myself going I took the kids over to the park for a walk. Where we cross the street we have to cross this full of sprinklers. So rather than walking down the street a few blocks we dodged the spray. And got soaked...well Ethan and I did, Kaitlyn somehow managed to get through completely dry.
She ran her little heart out....

And kept on going, even after we passed it all.

Poor Ethan was not too impressed at getting wet.

At the island we went under the water fall and Ethan screamed, though only for a moment, then he was excited, the water was so loud.
Then Kaitlyn wanted to feed the geese and ducks and kept asking me for bread. Of course I hadn't remembered to bring any so she had to feed them mum-mums. She was a little afraid to get too close but worked up courage and threw them a few pieces and then ate the rest.

We saw a rowing team dressed as pirates and they waved at us and shouted out a loud hearty "Argh". They had taken down their cross-bone flag to go under the bridge in this picture.
On the way back we stopped to climb trees and then my camera died. I couldn't even get the lens to retract and close....picture # 17,269!!! Turns out the batteries died and it had an error, something that has been happening more often now. Probably due to all the pics taken and being dropped 3 times, one of those times down cement steps.
I know it will have to be replaced soon and that makes me sad, it has served me well, not that it doesn't take great photos, but in it's last accident the little door to the batteries broke off and falls open all the time now and the batteries fall out, poor thing!
After getting home I had to make sure it still worked so I replaced the batteries and ta-da, picture #17,270! Yipee, I will get more distance out of it. This pic is of a painting in progress. The one I started last night, Japanese inspired, zen-ish was my goal. I hope to finish it tonight, although I have a ton of other things to do too.
Marita's bridal shower is approaching so I have got to get the games printed, party favours made, decorations in order and a menu drawn up. Wish me luck!!! I bribed Katie to come help me with the favours by inviting her to super tonight, taco's.....soft ones, mmmmm! I love summer food!!!
Now here are a few pics from last night. We stopped over to my parents place for pie and scones.


Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie,

I can't believe how big the kids are getting!

What should I get the kids for their birthdays? Is there anything that they need or really want?

Let me know what I can get them and I will put the presents on a courier.

I had better get back to work.

Love you lots

Auntie Kathy

familymclean said...

Auntie Kathy, you really don't have to get them anything, but if you insist here is what I came up with.
Well, they don't 'need' anything. Want's might be another story. Actually clothes for the winter or coloring supplies, Kaitlyn is really into art so books or markers, paint, stickers, it doesn't matter. Ethan is still easy to please, a twig would be fine, or a boyish toy or eadible baby crayons, do they have those?
Thank you, but don't worry bout couriering it, just send it along with Mare on the 31st.
Love and miss yo terribly,

Anonymous said...

Question, Anna, when is your due date?

Anonymous said...

Anna I guess my joke is a little old now but so am I. It is great to see your family growing and looking happy and well.We miss you having a garden planted at our place. We miss you here, even Scott misses you. Say hi to Dave and treat him good. Ryan