Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A backwards post

I uploaded all these pics in reverse order and it takes too much time to switch them all around so... you can start at the bottom if you like or just read back through time.
Above: My midnight snack. I have always loved midnight snacks, though I am bound to have strange dreams with that much salsa burning me up! I cannot seem to go long without food, I eat every few hours, usually 5 meals a day. It seems ever since having the kids I am a bottomless pit and if I don't eat I get super snarly and feel like I am about to pass out, must have something to do with the breast feeding.
This was the main dish at supper, salmon. Dave BBQ's it so it doesn't stink up the house,,,,honestly I wouldn't know how to cook fish in the oven, Dave always BBQ's it.
Munching the veggies, waiting for her dinner. She sure doesn't like them raw compared to cooked, maybe the texture.
He couldn't wait either and chowed down on some fruit, wasn't too impressed with his selection and put it back.

Last night's dinner, "Come on mom, you gonna leave me like this?"
This is my kids faces when they are watching TV. Just like me, mouths hanging wide open, it's like out jaws get to heavy, or we are just that lazy.

Yay, mommy finally did laundry!

Three mosquito bites, getting treated with Calamine lotion, to help with the itching.
Playing house, in the cupboard. Peek-a-boo daddy!
Painting again. Once the kids are in bed and I have chilled out for a while...usually checking Facebook or blogging, then I sit and paint, I loooooooove to paint! It is so relaxing and calming, and it gives me the feeling that I am accomplishing something....other than housewife stuff, it is like a mini vacation, it takes my mind to other places and it is an amazing release. I would say I sleep better, but I don't know cause my kids get me up at night. However, I have fallen asleep in Kaitlyn's bed next to her a few times lately at 5 am and wake up at 7:30 cold and stiff, so I must be sleeping deeper.

Dad and mom got a new dog, or maybe I should say Phil since he seems to be the one that has bonded with her. Her name is Bess and she is 8 weeks old, super cute and so far has been good with the kids, though Kaitlyn is terrified, with good reason, her dog experiences so far haven't been too smooth. Ethan on the other hand couldn't get enough of her.

Bouncing happily.
Close ups. Ethan asleep on my chest and Kaitlyn pouting wanting to cuddle too. Such a sad little face. She was soon up on my lap too and we had a snuggle all together. Puts a lump in my throat,,,,probably doesn't help that George Straight is singing in the background,,,'Pure Country' is on TV right now.

Visiting at Auntie Katie's place. We went over there Sunday to help her hang art but couldn't find a hammer and nails so we just hung out, ate out and did some shopping.
On another note a funny thing happened about a month ago and I never posted about it, meant to but totally forgot about it. So for my own memory bank here goes....
I was with my mom and the kids and we were heading to "Waldu" and I had to swing by the bank and do a deposit. I pulled up to the drive through machine and reached into the envelope slot to get an envelope. There weren't any left, so I muttered something under my breath about it being my day...or something like that. Then a hand opened the slot and waved at me and a voice said, just a minute, I'll get you one. I , said "o.k." then realized what just happened and did a double take. And then the hand reached out with a stack of envelopes and refilled the slot. For a minute I thought I was on 'Just for Laughs' or something. Then I imagined there were people in all the bank machines, how cute would that be, a little cramped but real customer service.

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