Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tonka truck birthday

Ethan's birthday....I don't think he could have cared less. When he saw his cake all he wanted to do was stick his hands in it so I quickly cut him a piece...and his hands were right in...and then of course he wasn't happy because they were a mess...silly little man!

Anyway I learned a big lesson with Kaitlyn's birthday cake---keep it simple! Hers took almost 3 hours just to decorate, and Ethan's was two hours-including bake and cool time!!! And it tasted just as good!
I also learned another thing...I love to decorate cakes, anyone having a birthday--bring it on, I'll make the cake! Now I would love to take a class or two and learn some funky decorating tricks and learn to work with fondant, oh the possibilities could be endless...and who knows I could end up on a $10,000.00 cake decorating challenge on TV! Ok, so that is a bit of a stretch, but I had fun and hope to make more and take it a step further, someday.

Opening gifts...hmmm, what can I say. We had to get Camden and Kaitlyn to help since all Ethan wanted to do was play with the ribbon on his gift bag. After all was said and done he sat there and checked out his new duds, doesn't he look impressed?! I was, I think the clothes are super cute and exactly what he needs for the winter, but by the look on his face I am afraid what might be going through his head...."come on mom, I wanted skater baby and a blingy chain, this isn't cool, what are my friends going to say and how am I ever going to get the chicks with these?"
So glad that he can't talk yet! Other than that he had an ok day, he seems to be cutting a few molars and had a Popeye pout going on for most of the day and was extra cuddly, can't complain though, I'll soak in all the cuddles I can get before he is too big and too cool for that!

We had the family over for supper last minute and G & G Clark and Kim and Camden and Aunt Nancy came too. We ate leftovers from the weekend that mom and dad had so it wasn't anything special, but it was about all being together.

Still can't believe my little Ethan is one though. I asked for 12-18 month clothes for the winter and that is what we got. They seemed super huge though and I look at my baby and it just seems off, so I looked at the tags in his clothes today and it turns out he is still in 6-9 month clothes. Hmmm, he is small for his age but I didn't realize he was that small! At this rate he will be three by the time the new outfits fit....Grow baby grow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of both E and K's birthdays makes me so wish I lived closer. Weekend hurray up and get here!! See you then.
P.S. I will ask Grandma Ross if she still some of her old cake decorating info, etc.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Happy Birthday little guy! Wow, I can't believe it has been a year. If your little guy is 1 year, that means "my" little guy drooler is too, as well as baby D, who was born the day after. I can't wait till they are walking, it is so fun watching them grow.

BeachMama said...

Happy First Birthday!!! Your cake looks so delicious, great job Mom on the decorating. I know how hard it is to realize they are getting bigger, just wait until you are buying size six's!!

Amy.E said...

Love the cake. Can I have one?

Amy.E said...

Yellow cake

Amy.E said...

With Extra icing. I'm sure FedEx can make it happen!

Amy.E said...

Ok - just kidding.