Monday, November 12, 2007

A TP tale

I have got stuff to post, really I do! However I have been having issues with my computer and Dave keeps dangling an Apple in front of me to tempt me away from my cheapo Compaq laptop....which is only 10 months old! My windows internet explorer has been freezing up and 'not responding' about 10 times a day and I have to reboot to get things to work again and of course I loose whatever it was I was working on....yes I have even lost a good number of precious comments on some of the fab blogs I read!
So last night Dave slaved away for hours backing up all my archives and then wiping the hard drive clean and gave it a fresh start. As of now I cannot even upload photos since the laptop does not recognize it.
So now you ask, why don't I get the Apple?
Well, I am afraid of new things, afraid of change, what if it is too different or too hard or, or, or....I don't know, too pretty.
We'll see if things go well now that this thing has a fresh start.

Anyway...lets see...since this is so terribly boring so far maybe I can tell a story.

So... this morning on the way home from gymnastics via Staples we went through the Costco parking lot and saw a man lugging his purchase out to his vehicle.
What he had purchased sparred our imagination....he was carrying a mega-business size---musta been 50+ rolls of toilet paper a crate of tomatoes and a huge book.
Hmmmm, interesting combination.
Maybe he was anticipating having bowel issues and knew that after eating that many tomatoes he would end up on the pot for a week and need a huge book and a lotta tp to pass the time.
Or maybe he knew that you should never only buy just toilet paper so he had to get a few other items to cover the fact that they were in desperate need and had resorted to using kleenex or napkins till they made it to the store.
Or maybe someone is having a bridal shower and the toilet paper was for a TP dress and the tomatoes where for a sauce or bruchetta and the book was games.

OK, he probably owns a restaurant but it is way more fun to come up with more intersting ideas.

Maybe I should find better things to floss my husbands ears with.
Normal post to resume shortly---tonight hopefully!


Kami said...

An Apple? AND you are hesitating?


Of course I type this to you on my Dell laptop ;-)

But I have heard so many good things about them and my friend just bought one and LOVES it.


Kami said...

oh and I loved your versions of the story! What a funny combination, it was bound to create all sorts of tales.

R Family of 4 said...

Or maybe he needed the TP because was having a colonoscopy and since he had to go without eating his favorite food - tomatoes, he wanted to make up for lost time. The book, well maybe it was colonoscopy for dummies ;-)

This was a fun post

beck said...

Apple computers are great and not hard to use at all, after the initial adjustment period. I love mine. I switched this past summer.
Also, don't use Internet Explorer! Use Mozilla Firefox. It's an open source browser and far more secure.

comfortablycrazy said...

I agree with beck. Firefox is a much better browser. If I even attempt to use IE my entire system freezes.

And if I had the chance to get an Apple I wouldn't even hesitate a second. I'd be running out the door in my pajamas, keys in hand driving to the nearest Apple store.

Family Adventure said...

That is a funny story. Tomatoes and toilet paper. I guess the two go hand in hand in large quantities?


Karen MEG said...

That was so cute! A TP story - hah!