Monday, November 05, 2007

Last minute-nearly wordless post.

Gymnastics this morning.

Tonight Kaitlyn and I had a shoe party. What this involves is trying on shoes and prancing around making noise. that is it, and it is so much fun. We looooove shoes! Check out a bit of our collection here (click).

Bead love!

Ethan is catching up!

I had to interrupt my painting to squeak this post in and get the kids to bed. I am really doing this NaBloPoMo thing last minute!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

That apple is amazing.

comfortablycrazy said...


Family Adventure said...

Great pictures! She is adorable in those shoes.
Love Ethan's expression, too.


Crooked Halo said...

I second the chatty housewife - that apple looks good enough to eat! And...your wee ones are adorable! You certainly don't look old enough to be the mother of 2!

I figured I'd come visit your blog since you came by mine and gave me some comment love! I'll be back when I have more time to read:) The boss might like for me to work now.

Kami said...

Hey! We live in Regina, where are you guys?

LOVE the shoes. I have a shoe fetish myself... well actually it's a boot fetish :-)

Kami said...

Funny! We are in Parkridge out east.

We like it here :-)

what gymnastics place do you take your daughter to?

Kamden goes to Amazing Adventures.
How did you come to my blog?

Kami said...

Us too, we go Friday mornings though. Neat!

I love to know how people arrive at my blog, it's a small world out here on the blogesphere. This is the first time I have connected with someone from right here though.


Valarie said...

Just read some of your blog. It looks like guys have tons of fun at your house.
I love the pic in a previous post with your daughters crazy hair. Too funny.

nicole said...

that is a lot of shoes my friend...I want to see the apple painting! I heart apples.