Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's my birthday, oh, yeah!

Today (yesterday now) I got my birthday gift from Dave. A two hour spa treatment at
En Vogue Day Spa and it was amazing. I am hooked, so now being the spoiled wife of a fabulously in love husband I now get to go once a month for the treatment of my choice. He got me the Body Coffee Pure Bliss treatment (near the bottom for the list in the link)
and I was a little bit afraid. I have never had a body wrap before and envisioned being wound up like a mummy.

My imagination needs to take a break! It was nothing like that. It was more like being tucked in nice and tight, like a cocoon, wrapped in a warm buttery embrace. Mmmmmm, I have a new happy place! Next up 'A Cranberries Christmas' special, oh yeeaaahh!

So now it is my birthday and after a whole week of gifts in the mail and this spa treatment I can hardly believe that he is taking me on this shopping trip to the States.....more on that later ;-)
I looooove him!

In other news....we got the piano tuned today by a family friend. Turns out it wasn't as bad as it sounded, yeehaww! However as that went on the kids colored all over their table and their arms and their clothes. I think the markers might have to disappear for a while till the kids have forgotten about coloring on anything non paper.

Tonight after having a yummy dinner of ribs, baked potato's, corn, fruit salad and angel food cake-with strawberries and cream at Great Gram and Grandpa's......we had a Wii party, kinda. My sister 'TT' stopped by and started playing, Bro and sis-in-law showed up and joined in. Tennis and bowling where the games of choice tonight. I think they had I sat here IM-ing. I pooped out on my own drop in party.
I, am offa here, need sleep for my big day. :)


Anonymous said...

I love that E is sitting there with his feet crossed as usual. He is such an handsome little fellow.

Family Adventure said...

Happy Birthday. What fabulous presents! :)


Kami said...

Happy Birthday!

You have an amazing husband! and I am so envious...once a month to EnVogue, you lucky duck :-)

I go maybe once a year to treat myself to the cocoa butter body wrap.... hey did you get to have the vichy shower too.... AHHHHHHHH. It's heaven.

Mary said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful! I've never been to a spa before and have always wanted to try it. Maybe I could give my husband a few hints for my next birthday!

BeachMama said...

Happy Birthday!!! A treatment a month for a whole year!! Now, that is a wonderful gift. And I too love the body wraps, you never know until you get one how heavenly they are. Hope your treats continue.

And a tune up just in time to start cranking out the Christmas Carols.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

That's my daddy tuning that piano! I miss him.

nicole said...

o happy day! enjoy the spa...the gift a mama will never grow tired of...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! and wow on the present ... that's too fabulous! maybe it's time to get that massage finally ... and hint to the husband :) and catching up ... I hear you loud and clear on computer problems, ugh. shopping for a new one myself, and sadly it will still be a pc, i gave up macs 5 years ago as I couldn't afford to keep 2 and all my clients were PC addicts.
happy snow too :)

Karen MEG said...

Happy birthday!!!! Spaa, loverly you lucky girl you! And shopping to the States ... whoo-hoo, you'll do well with our dollar!

Imhiscowgirl said...

Happy Birthday Anna - I'm a day late, but I did remember!! I hope you had a grand time! We're going on a girls shopping trip to Grand Forks tomorrow - all the female in-laws, my nephew and I :)