Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still hanging in on the NaBloPoMo thing

Hanging out with Daddy. Kaitlyn loves when Dave has the day off. Every morning she wakes up and asks "daddy work?" I usually say yes. But the last two days I have been able to say "no, daddy is home" and she squeals with glee and runs out to find him. She love daddy days. Today they went to a skidoo show---so Dave could dream on a new sled and to get the kids out of the house for a while. I got cleaning done-and snuck in a nap-shhhh on that one though. Kicked this house in to shape and made a minuscule dent in the laundry pile. I hate laundry!

Loving mom!


My little sister Emily is always trying to teach me new things. Now this is the difference between the oldest and the youngest in our family. She has no fear of any one older than her, whereas when I was a kid I was terrified of even saying boo to someone just a few years my elder.
Emily has been trying to teach me guitar and tonight was checking to make sure that I could play a few notes on the piano, or she might just have to teach me that too.
I didn't feel like anything noisy so instead she taught me how to crochet. I am no good at all. I wish I were, but I suppose it is one of those things that takes practice. I hate that process.
Once when my Nana from Toronto came out for visit, I must have been around 10-12ish, she took it on herself to teach my closest sister (3 yrs younger) and I how to knit. What a disaster! My scarf started out around 6-8 inches wide and ended up around an inch. It could have been a Barbie scarf. I knit too tight and dropped stitches, if that is possible. Then my younger brothers decided to get in on the action and got out forks and destroyed the ball of yard. It was cute watching them because they thought they were really knitting. I never attempted to knit again, but I am hoping that someday when I have the time and no other looming projects that I can pick it up and it will come back to me. Don't know if it is like riding a bike, but maybe some day we'll see.

Yes, this is the mess I made. Shade your eyes!


Family Adventure said...

Growing up in Scandinavia, we had what used to be called 'home economics' class at school. It was my WORST subject. One task was to knit a square (no idea why), and mine was a horrible, shapeless mess. Everyone was better than me, which I found shocking.

It didn't help matters much that my mother was - and continues to be - the Knitting Champion who spews out sweaters like other people sneeze.

I have now reconciled myself with the fact that it is just not my thing. "My name is Heidi. I am *not* a knitter."


herM said...

reminds me of my attempts at knitting way back in the day! I'm with family adventure ... I'm just not a knitter! this is herm from in my middle, btw, last name was rule growing up ... i lived in addison and knew kim from birth :). you're her cousin anna, which i figured out a couple months ago as I'm an avid blog-surfer when it comes to momblogs, and anyone that's had any meeting connections, go figure! not long out of that, which may be part of the reason. you've got an adorable girl! must go get the kiddos off for the day ... cheers,
bethany (ps I don't like to put my full name on my blog, at least in any search-engine-findable way, though I have no issues with people finding me! I just don't like my clients to be able to find it.

Karen MEG said...

Oh, that is so funny! Your sister is a cutie. I could never knit either, and I did try crocheting when I was about 8 or 9. I think I crocheted the longest 4 inch wide scarf ever known to man. It kept going, and going, and going...totally useless thing though.
I'm very much like you, grew up afraid of anyone older than me too. My son is now playing with some kids in grade 5 to 7. I couldn't imagine that in Grade 2!

Catharine said...

Just wanted to say "HI!" and let you know how much I enjoy your blogs. Thinking of you and the kidlets!

Imhiscowgirl said...

Hey Anna,
I just have to chime in there and add to the number that say knitting is not their thing. Crocheting however I really enjoy - and though my first many projects looked something like yours, I now have the hang of it after 10 years!! (Amy taught me just after she got out of highschool!)

Kami said...

I am hopeless with yarn and any sort of needle or hook. Actually, I am pretty hopeless at anything crafty and really, who has time?


hellomelissa said...

looks better than the blob i could crochet!

my hub works from home, so my kids are s-p-o-i-l-e-d.

BeachMama said...

I used to knit quite a bit and when J was a baby I knit him a scarf. I would love to pick it up again, but already have so much going on I would be afraid that I would get sucked in and get nothing done at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,

I too am a knitting failure! I knitted my younger brother a scarf one year for Christmas. I started in June. It was 3 ft+ long. The end I started on was over 1 ft wide. The other end was about 6-8 inches wide. Truly ugly. I made the most of it though, I folded what I could and then stitched the whole thing together and told him that is what it was supposed to look like. He used it for years. Said it was the warmest scarf. I think he lied! Avis started knitting a couple of years ago. She has mastered knitting, but purling is another thing. No matter what our friend Rita does to show her, she just can't figure it out. I figure that some of us can knit, crochet whatever and then some of us are pretty. For all you knit failures - you are very pretty.

Love and miss you lots
Aunty Kathy

R Family of 4 said...

That looks alot like my attempt at knitting. It is still sitting on top of a shelf waiting to someday be a finished product.........maybe for my grandchildren ;-)