Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A little crunched

So it all started last night, well my realization of it anyway. I finished the painting (the rest of the photos are here-click) and sat like a vegetable in front of the TV for a few minutes soaking up the me time, until Kaitlyn woke up needing mommy to comfort her back to sleep for the first of 4 times last night.
As I lay there next to her I got to thinking about the last month. I have been cranky and lazy. Poor Dave puts up with me and tries to help me with things around the house, but I feel like it is my duty since I am now a stay at home mom to take on all the house tasks.
I have had no energy to do anything, don't want to cook, clean, do laundry, talk to friends, see friends or even go anywhere. All I want to do is sleep. Then I realized what it is.....every year I go through this, my seasonal depressive funk. I need the sun and warmth!!!!As I bundled up Kaitlyn to go out today this is what I came across. Is this a boy thing?

So... I kicked myself in the rear and got moving today. Through experience this is what I have to do to get out of the funk. Getting outside and getting exercise, getting those serotonin levels on the move seems to help a ton. So despite the bitter cold, frost and wind the kids and I braved a school yard a few blocks away this morning. I could have just gone in the back yard but Kaitlyn was begging to go play, and I am glad we did because we had a great time sliding over and over and over and climbing the wobbly wooden bridges.

Once we got home they still wanted to stay out and play for a while so we hit the swings in the backyard till Ethan got a tear from swinging into the sunlight and I was chilled to the bone....actually my butt was numb from sitting on the cold plastic swing, but that is beside the point.
It felt great though to get fresh air, I wish I could commit myself to getting out every day but, man it is windy here! I hate wind! I don't understand why anybody lives in such climates. Well except my husband, he says it is because you can ski-doo and skate and build wicked snow forts, all things he loves. He is truly a Canadian!!!
Anyway, the rest of the day went smoothly, naps went well, so I started to prep supper. This did not go well. I found a pork tenderloin in the freezer and dug it out this morning so I went to marinate it. It was freezer burnt, and badly. Obviously this poor loin was missed a few times and shuffled to the bottom, so supper was ruined.
Kaitlyn and daddy flipped a coin to see where we would end up for dinner and off we went.

Ethan enjoying his meal.
Now it is the wee hours of the morning once again. I had meant to do this post around 10 but blogger was having issues so I had a bath instead and then it was child duties till 12:30! What is up with my kids, I think I need to make them skip naps all together so they will go to bed earlier! I need way more sleep. I know, I know. I could be in bed now but I also need time to chill out just for me, and this is it.
Ahhh, now I am ready!
Good night!


Family Adventure said...

Lots of people have those fall funks. It's tough with the seasonal change. Also, there are *miserable* fall days, where it is so hard to do anything but stay cooped up in the house.
I'm glad you were able to get out a bit yesterday. It does wonders, doesn't it? :)
The kids are adorable. Love the pix.


prettyinpink said...

I love the pic of Eth into mischief! What a monkey!

Anonymous said...


Great painting! I really like the realness of it! WOW!

Love Aunty Kathy

Kami said...

The painting... I have no words... it's phenominal!

I know all about the funks and the wind. I hate it as much as you but sadly have lived here all my life. I complain about it endlessly though ;-)

Yay for excercise. I had the epiphany about it about 2 years ago and now I make sure I get it regularly. I took up Pilates too and LOVE it.

Valarie said...

Move to Florida! The sunshine does wonders for the soul!
Your little ones are adobrable!

Amy.E said...

That's a wonderfully beautiful apple! It made me have an apple craving.

Karen MEG said...

Gorj apple!
Funk's my name, and crank's my game. Kids, especially young ones, can make it worse, because when you really don't want to do anything, you realize you have to and you're just dragging your butt around against your will.
Exercise helps me, my sanity, and that of my husband.

BeachMama said...

I love the painting.

And yes, I feel your pain with the SAD. Mine misery usually hits in January though. Most likely because our Fall's really aren't that bad (although you wouldn't guess from all the mothers and kids dressed in snowsuits at school this morning, J was still in his fall coat and I in a fleece) so I can get through until after Christmas, then I get cranky.