Saturday, November 24, 2007

Victorian Tea Party

I am totally swamped with painting projects today so this is a quick post just to share our tea party photos.

Thank you Auntie Em for the invite, it was so much fun to get dressed up, though we really struggled with the whole era thing. I ended up altering my dress only hours before the tea and rushing around last minute searching through dress up trunks and boxes for accessories. In the end it just came down to a really fun time!
My mom served the tea at the party, thanks mom!

And of course the mess left in the wake off tea toting toddlers. There where prizes won---not by us and squares and cake and cookies where devoured. Mmmmm, we love tea parties!


Kami said...

Anna, you look fabulous! Great job on the alterations, the dress looks like it was made for you. The kids - all 3 - are adorable as always.

I am swamped with accounting work today too... not as exciting as your painting but equally time consuming :-)

Family Adventure said...

The dress looks *great*

And the kids are gorgeous, as always.

Good job.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

My mom has that dress in baby blue, she really does! It is in our dress up stuff at the farm.