Sunday, November 11, 2007

A dent in mount wash more

Lazy Saturday mornings, I love them! I get to sleep in, or at least lay in bed a little longer since Dave gets up and entertains the kids. I love it when he is home!
However today was the day we decided to tackle the monster laundry pile in the basement.
  • In goes load #1.

Today was a weird day. But first...
  • Load # 2 went in.

Ok, now...I left the house without the camera. Remembered it when I got to the truck and exclaimed to Dave "oh, no, I gotta go back!'' He says to me, "what, you can't go an hour without it?!" I say, "Well, what if I miss a 'moment'?"

We end up leaving without it since I now must must prove to him that I can go an hour without clickety-clicking. Won't do that again! Of course I almost missed 'moments' and had to use my camera on my cell phone to snap some funny shots. Now I just have to figure out how to get them off of it so I will save them for another post.

  • Came home put in load#3

Tonight the boys went to the hockey game and us girls-and Ethan went to Micheals, 50% coupon in hand. Came away with a pile of paper and a few ideas for crafts. That place is dangerous, it is my $100 store---you know the kind you go into with the intent of grabbing a $5 item and you walk out with $100's worth. I only spent $40 but still, my intent was $5!!
Kaitlyn grabbed a foam craft bag and was quite adamant about putting it together her own way. I think it is a teddy-bear-monk-ephant. She was sure that the banana was was the mouth and the tail was the nose. Maybe we need to read a few monkey books here.
  • Load#4
I will have to start her art scrapbook and a box for these odd things she creates.

Emily lost a tooth biting into a piece of pizza here, and was pretty excited, coinage under the pillow tonight!
  • Load #5

A solution to the crazy hair my little girl seems to have every day. We have tried conditioners and sprays and creams and they work for about 20 minutes till she leans back on her chair, has nap or rolls on the floor. The only problem with the hair elastics is she pulls them out to use as bracelets so they are but a temporary solution.
And here I am still tackling the dreaded laundry monster that is forever growing and consuming my basement. Only 5 more to go then we are caught up. I sooooo hate laundry! Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that the laundry is downstairs and it is colder down there and not organized. This drives me batty I want it to be pretty and inspiring, ugh, it is not!
Mount-wash-more is getting done though and this means I will have a very happy and clothed husband!
  • load#6....
and an end in sight!


Kami said...

You are funny Anna and I can relate to the loads throughout the day. I actually like doing laundry it's the folding and putting away the drives me batty.

Oh and I lurve your glasses! Sweet :-)

comfortablycrazy said...

When I read about your laundry situation, I thought LOL that's just like me.

Karen MEG said...

Whooaaaa Laundry mountain!!!! I also don't like laundry - and it seems I'm always doing it.
Very satisfying making a dent in it though... to make room for the next loads... LOL!

Family Adventure said...

That's a lot of laundry! One of the advantages of leaving for a year is that you can only bring so many clothes, so you have to stay on top of Mt. Laundry.

Oh, and memo to your hubster: Yes, you do need to bring the camera everywhere. Your audience enjoys snapshots of those little trips out!

Heidi :)

R Family of 4 said...

You have reminded me that I should get off this dang cmputer and tackle my own Mount-Wash-More

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I love that photo of Emily.

BeachMama said...

Wow, you are a crazy laundry woman. Although in our old place I had half a basement for a laundry room so it would pile up. Now we have a small room, so I can only let three or four loads max pile up in there. Glad you got to tackle it. I only wish I had that many clothes ;).

Sahara said...

Good for people to know.