Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tonight I am totally wiped. It was a super long day. So this post will be short and boring, as I can hardly even think let alone recollect.

Auntie Em came to gymnastics to help out with Ethan today. Thanks lil sis!

Emily's new crocheted hat...and no not made by me. I wish!
My mom made it, and it is so cute, she is hired!
After gymnastics and errands we came home for lunch. Kaitlyn started acting strange and got sick. She actually fell asleep in that position, this photo was taken just moments before.
Anyway she only got sick the once and then slept for 3-4 hours. Since then she has been her normal chipper self so I thought maybe it was just that she was over tired. However Dave came home early----with the flu. He is still sick, so who knows.
Tea party supper. Kaitlyn size and mommy size mugs. I think mine would hold twice what her tea pot holds, but then again my bladder probably holds way more twice what hers does too.
Cracking out the Christmas stuff. A new snow man cookie jar, and finger puppets. The lamest puppets ever. It says ages 3 and up on it but seriously it would take at least two adults working feverishly together to get them made properly. We gave up an will find other better uses for the parts.
Tonight seemed to drag, we played and colored and played and read books and watched TV and snacked the kids are now both in bed....just barely by midnight, ugh.
Good night.


Karen MEG said...

Your photos are so cute and colourful, as per usual. Thanks for sharing such great shots!

Kami said...

Yikes, you had a late night, I hope you all slept in.

The days, they go by, but I seem to get nothing done....

that's the way she be.

Karen MEG said...

Forgot to mention, I've tagged you!

Franklin & Bethany said...

Hey Anna! Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! Your pictures are great and it`s fun watching your kids! It`s also a great way to get a peek into Phil and Emily`s life - they`ve grown SOOOO much and it`s fun to see pics on them on your blog. And basically I just love your whole family and miss them lots! Can`t wait to come to Regina as soon as we get home! Bethany

comfortablycrazy said...

I love that tea set. Where can I find one? It's exactly what I'm looking for for SuperChic.