Monday, November 26, 2007

A grey cup and birthday rolled into one

First of all I want to say, I don't think I will be sleeping well tonight. The Riders won the cup, oh, yah!
Now the reason I wont be sleeping is that we live one house in off Albert Street---the main drag. And why would this be an issue? Well because Rider fans are insane! They are the loudest, have the most spirit and are incredibly loyal. They have been waiting for so many years for this. This is their third cup ever and the last one was when I was 9! Sooooo, they are all out cruising, honking, screaming, waving flags and pom-poms and hanging out their windows. Don't get me wrong, Rider fans rock, it is just the location of my house that doesn't. I think I really want to move!

Today Dave worked on getting our Christmas decorations put up outside. The kids and I went out to chill with him and Ethan and I didn't last long. We returned to the warmth of the house and watched from the window. Yup I sure enjoy winter from this perspective.

Tea mom? I was trying so hard to get cleaned up around the house. It had fallen to shambles, piles in every room, some eye-ball high. There was not a place you could look and see a surface, and this is the state that I welcomed company into yesterday. I warned them but they came anyway. I am sure the mess is burned deep in their memory and they will forever associate mounds of junk with my name, but hey, that was the way it was.
Sorry Aunt Deb, Steph and Erika, wish I could have had it clean for you! I wasn't kidding when I said that when I paint the house falls apart. So today I whipped around cleaning like a mad woman and was able to pull off a presentable house for my mom's birthday and a grey cup googling gang.
It felt really good to get stuff caught up, now I must once again face off with the laundry giant, sigh, ugh!

Craft of the day was a foam snowman. Notice the brown line in the photo above. Kaitlyn wrote his name on his belly, it says "Bob."

During the festivities of the night my little sister went around collecting money. "Any coins or change will help put one of these in your country" she said.

Happy birthday mom!
And the last pic is----blurry, I know, I had it on fireworks setting instead of night so it caught all my movement-I am not a steady shooter! It is supposed to be a photo of the front of our house, what is done so far. There is still a lot to be added so I will save taking a non blurry shot for when it is truly done.
I am so excited to start decorating inside though, I love Christmas!


Family Adventure said...

The house looks festive, even if the shot is a bit blurry.

Yeah! for winning the Grey Cup. Hope you were able to get some shut eye, even through the noise of the fans.


Kami said...


Still in shock but happy none the less. AND you were 9 last time. Yikes. I am old.


Great decorations. We need to get ours out there too. But the snow today? WOW. It's offically winter.

cc said...

I put up our tree Saturday night. It now sits 3/4 decoreated. Maybe when I get home the girls and I can finish putting the rest of the decorations on it. I'm also 99% done with my shopping already.

MJ said...

Good for you & all the spirit ~ Riders & X'mas!

Here's the details for the table centrepiece: drop by the greenhouse and pay to reserve a spot. The address is 1450 4th Ave but the sign is down because of construction. The east landmark to look for is “across the road from the HUGE CCA sign (just east of Alford’s furniture). The classes are on Dec.8. The smaller table centrepiece class is from 9:30 to 11:30 ($25) and a door swag from 1-4 ($40). Anticipate having to bring your own pruning shears so that you can cut the branches to your taste.

Karen MEG said...

Football fans are the rowdiest aren't they?
Cool shot... I take those types of photos all the time.. still don't know how to work my camera :)