Friday, November 16, 2007

"But why mommy?"

Hanging out with my ever amusing children every day---all day. Some sleepless moments I kinda wish I had a job outside the home to go to and escape and then I look at them. I wouldn't give up being a SAHM for the world! I get to be a part of and experience every little thing with them, how precious is that!

Today has been yet another "why, mommy, why, but why???" day. Try explaining to a two year old "why" pancake mix is not sugar!

Put your boots on to go out side...."but why mommy, why?"

You must go into the bathroom to pee...."why, why, why?"

No candy before breakfast...."why, mommy...why?"

Then look around and see chaos-mess-mess-mess, wish the kids would sleep better and I could get more done, and wish I had time to be prettier and make myself up for my hub. Well.....what is holding me back?

So I jumped in the tub with the kids, threw my legs over the side and layed down to wash my hair. I had help with plenty of splashing and giggling as we were really squished. It was fun bonding but it does make me miss our old--newer house in St. Albert. (click to see it) with a shower--two actually on the main floor, not to mention the one in the basement! I am sooo looking forward to the bathroom reno! Watch for the bathroom the works so it will be published soon.

I read this (click). today and it made me think.
I so often forget what I have and others don't and think about things I don't have and want more, when really I should just be thankful for the many blessings I do have. I really can't complain! Not even a smidgen! So I need to learn to just embrace every little thing and annoyety and be greatfull that I have little annoying things to get annoyed about....does that even make any sense?

To break up our day we headed out to It's a Blast for a few hours and dragged Auntie Em along with us. Getting out the door was an ordeal in itself. I told Kaitlyn to get dressed again. She had changed back into PJ's for some reason. Of course her first response to me is "why mommy?"
"Well dear, because you can't wear PJ's to It's a Blast"
"Just put your pants on"
On the way there the 'why mommy's' continued.
As we where going out the door Kaitlyn asked to play outside in her light fall jacket. I said no because it was too cold for that jacket.
"but why mommy?"
"Well, you have to wear your winter jacket in this weather, and we are going in the truck now to It's a Blast so we can't play outside anyway"
"But why mommy?"
"Because we are going now" I say.
"But why mommy?"
Agghhhh, let's just go!"
"But whhhhyyyyyyy?"
At this point I resort to picking her up and carrying her out to the car. She will get distracted on the way so why the heck did I just go through all that, trying to rationalize with a 2 year old?
On the car ride Emily was playing with Kaitlyn and pointed at Kaitlyn's forehead exclaiming "Kaitlyn's forehead". Kaitlyn turned to her and said "No! One head!" She is getting funny.
There were more 'Why mommy's' but I could go on and on and well this post is long enough so I shall spare you!

We had a blast!
Later this evening my brother Paul and his wife Marita stopped by and Kaitlyn dragged Paul off for a tour of our house. She has never done this before and it was quite funny to see.
She pointed like a flight attendant would and explained "my room, Eth's room, panty(Pantry), baff room (bathroom), mom an daddy room, hall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall...."
She is becoming quite the chatter box!


Badness Jones said...

You spend so much time trying to teach them to say mommy, and then they do and it's soooo wonderful, but then they won't STOP saying it, it's "mommy, mommy, mommy" until you want to change your name, and then they add the "why? why mommy?" and you have to wonder why you were in such a hurry for them to talk!

Family Adventure said...

Sounds like you had a busy day, again. I am always impressed with how much you squeeze into every day. Or maybe you're just really good at documenting it all. Either way - it looks like you have many more hours in your day than I do :)

Love the pix.


Kami said...

Ah the why questions that never some point, it just has to be said.

"Because I said SO! That's why."


prettyinpink said...

I even remember going through that phase parents response was always 'because I said so'

Keep up the patients!!!

R Family of 4 said...

I swore I would never use the "because I said so" phrase that my mom used so often.............until I had kids and that promise went out the window ;-)