Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cups with feet

Another hair shot. I think I will start a hair album just for Kaitlyn. It just might be really fun to look back at some day. While I am at it maybe I will start one for Ethan too, well maybe not, it would have to be a no hair album.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail----I meant to make a phone call to thank you Grandma and Papa---but my mom and the kids ended up staying for supper and then we went to vote and went shopping and then it was past your bed time, so I will be calling you, but if you see this first--Thank you!

In the package was part of my birthday present. I know my birthday isn't for another 10 days but Kaitlyn thought the package was for her and ripped away at it. And well, the anticipation would have driven me nuts so I kinda helped her get into the box.
Part of what greeted us where some awesome little silicone baking cups. Both the kids where so excited and once I explained they where for baking little cakes in that is all they wanted.

So first thing this morning, actually it was 11:30, but it was our first outing. We went to get groceries to bake the cup cakes. When we got home I had to find the little cups with feet but the purple one was MIA. I looked every where and finally gave up and got started on the batter.

After the first batch was in the oven I continued the search. Kaitlyn was listening to me mutter about where it could be and turned to me and said "mom, Eth truck, coat on now, fast, truck!" she always leaves out the little words that join a sentence together, but with her little finger wagging and her head bobbing at me I though maybe she really knew where that blasted little purple cup had gone. So like the good little obedient mommy that I am I put on my coat---which I hadn't done to carry in the groceries a few minutes earlier---but since she said so and seemed so sure I put my coat on and went out to see if the cup was indeed in the truck.
It wasn't.
I ended up finding it in the kids snack cupboard in a bowl of pretzels.
Kaitlyn helped fill them and into the oven they went.

Mmmmmm. I love shoes!

Ethan was our version of the blue man show. He had slept through the whole baking adventure but sure enjoyed the eating part.

Emily and Phil came over after school and dug in too. I love these little cups with feet, they make eating way more fun!
Now for the photos below...
After supper my brother-Uncle Dan played piano with Ethan. He plays by ear and he is really good! All these years I had no idea he could play. What hole did I have my head in?!
And to wear off dinner, a good ol round of Wii bowling. Dave's Wii induced tennis elbow has finally healed, so what does this mean?
Of course it means he can play again!
The things guys put themselves through in the name fun.

Now my dear commenter's I want thank you for all the apple love! I read my comments every day, and more than once since they also go into my email and I read them again there.
You are a bright spot, thank you!


Family Adventure said...

I love those cup cake holders, too. They are just the cutest.

And the pictures. Precious.


Kami said...

LOVE the cupcake holders!

And the pictures of Kaitlyn's hair are adorable, every one of them. You definitely need to do an album or maybe a scrap book page, if you are into that:-)

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I want those! Too cute.

BeachMama said...

Those are the best cupcake holders, I bet I could get J to eat a cupcake or muffin if it was made in one of those :)

Karen MEG said...

Wow, those cupcake holders are fantastic! They would go over so well here...the girlie would love to bake everyday if she could. Good thing her mom is Duncan Hines' best friend.
Great photos. Very funny you posted a pic of the Wii...check out my post today :)

R Family of 4 said...

Eating si fun in and of itself but it looks like extra fun eating out of cute little cups with feet.

I love how kids sound so cave-man like when they are learing how to talk. Too cute