Monday, November 19, 2007

Whew, that's a wrap!

My birthday festivities have come to an end. What a week!
I had forgotten until I started to unpack from the trip today that I also went thrift store shopping while I was down in Minot. I love deals and especially on kids stuff since we blow through sizes. I always feel guilty spending full price and then the kids only get a few wears out of an outfit and then it is too small. I always think I could have spent the money on shoes or something, well not something, just shoes!
Speaking of shoes we hit a shoe store when we were down there and got Ethan a few pairs. He has been wearing Robeez his whole life and now that he is standing and I am sure he must be considering walking, we decided it was time for real shoes. My Grandpa said he needed good flat shoes to help his balance, so we got flat shoes. Hmmmm, don't think they went over too well.

A Minot thrift store find.
I had eye balled similar boots here and was unwilling to pay the 25$ price tag. However at this blowout/thrift store I found theses- brand new, for 7$. My kind of deal!

Tonight was my birthday dinner at my parents place. Mom baked me her famous cheese cake, it is so amazing and I porked out till my belly hurt. Mmmmm, I love cheese cake!

Emily comes up with the funniest things sometimes and tonight out of nowhere she opened a bible, saw red type, pointed and said, "these are those words that Jesus said" and put it down.

Now Kaitlyn is going through a faze where she likes to try clothes on. When we where at the Victoria's Secret store in Minot I was collecting bras to try on and she saw what I was doing and collected tank tops saying, "dess (dress) dess, try on" so we went into the change room together. Once in she tried on her 'dresses' and then since I wasn't done she grabbed a bra and said, "try on boobs!" and slipped the stapes over her shoulders, looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "me, boobs"
Anyway, tonight she got into Emily's old collection of dresses and went to town. Here are a few of the outfits she came out to model for us.


Family Adventure said...

Happy Birthday - again!

Loved those rain boots. And what a great deal!


Angella said...

Happy Birthday!

I love those boots too! I have seen a green pair, but the red ones are great!

Kami said...

THE boots, well, they give me boot envy!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Cute shoes on E! He should get used to them. Nathan quickly did. Heidi taught N that he was never allowed to take off his shoes unless he asked her first and it works great for them. A whole lot less lost shoes!

R Family of 4 said...

I <3 Minot.

I love the picture of the shoes. I remember when we put real shoes on our little guy he froze where he was standing and refused to take a step. I think he thought he couldn't walk. It must be a weird sensation for kids

Mary said...

That was a cute story about Kaitlyn in Victoria's secret! She sounds like quite the little girl. It sounds like she is talking better than Mischievo does, too.

The Foulds said...

Thanks for leaving a comment after your visit to our blog. :) I love "meeting" new people through blogging.
I am curious now, who do you know from Salmon Arm? My husband and I are both from there actually.

Your kids are cuties and look like a bunch of fun, I plan on coming back and reading more when it's not so late. :)

Oh and I totally agree with you on the whole not wanting to pay full price for kids clothes!