Saturday, October 27, 2007

More about me

Ya, that is a bologna, ketchup and cheese whiz midnight sandwich--it is on sunflower flax bread though, I get a point for that don't I?
I still have yet to do my own hair so here are a few more from last night. I thought I would get to do it today, but this turned out to be more of a catch up with chores and play with the kids day, so I missed out on the me time during the day. I even had a nap with them!

I still have yet to find a few photos I meant to add to the last post, I am looking, I haven't forgotten, just have no idea which CD they might be on.

I am off to the bath now. Bath you think, who has time for that. Well I don't but I try, I often end up getting out soaking wet with shampoo in hair to coddle a child back to sleep. A shower is in the works, oh ya! I will share those plans once we know we get the money for it. No sense in breaking my heart if it doesn't happen.

We went to the bank and asked for money for renos, hope they like us enough to give it to us, kinda a crap shoot though since Dave is a private contractor and banks generally don't think that's a real job.

However I really want a shower upstairs, bad, and when we get it it will be a stellar stand alone separate tiled shower!
I am sure you are missing my kids on this blog, oh and of course Dave! Well I shall resume brag, er, sharing about them right away.
On another note completely off topic--it is snowing out, yuck!


JeniBeans said...

You look AWESOME, mama!

p.s. I have figured out a way to get a nice bath in, WITH 5 KIDS! LOL Usually at naptime, of course, when my oldest daughter (18 mths) is napping. My other kids are all older than yours I think so that probably makes it a bit easier for me to get one too. =)

Hope you get your $$$ for your shower. My mom is just the opposite. Now they have built them a house that has a shower only and no tub. My mom used to take baths only, I'm pretty sure. And would wash her hair in the kitchen sink. So she now babysits for my brother's kids in exchange for being able to enjoy a bath there. hahaa.

BeachMama said...

WOW! You really changed your hair! You look fantastic, what did Dave think though that is the big question :)