Monday, October 15, 2007

A full fun (sun)day

First I want to apologize to you for all the pictures(I am not sorry though). I am sure you get sick of them but I do it for my own records, so please bare with me and if you enjoy them , well, bonus points for me!
We started the day with sugar cookies. Now I remember why I haven't made them for a whole year. They take forever. Chill, cut, bake, roll, chill, cut, bake, roll...............ugh. They are yummy though and totally worth all the labour, and extra chills since Kaitlyn had to treat it like play dough and go crazy with shape cutters.

Grandma and Papa were still here and the two day craft project got completed. The fall glitter glue is so awesome with the little foil leaves in it, but for some reason takes forever to dry. However so pretty on completion, and thus so worth it. I am now searching my brain for more things and ideas to use it with. I think a terra cotta plant pot would be pretty. Hmmmm, I think I can raid the shed for that one. A future project is stirring in my brain.

Kaitlyn and Ethan had a great time climbing on and playing with and watching the football games with Papa. Thank you Papa for distracting and keeping them busy. Those cookies were taking the whole day to get done.

We decorated, and decorated, and it wasn't even lavishly, but still time consuming. Kaitlyn came and went, ate sprinkles and icing and then would disappear.
When it was finally over the kids and Grandma and I left the house (shopping) to let the men get some work done. The hallway light is finally hung, yay, and it looks so good, I will have to take a pic sometime. Weather stripping is replaced on the backdoor, hopefully this means a few less drafts this winter and Halloween decorations got dragged out, now just to get them up will be the next challenge.

We all got dressed up and went out for supper, Kaitlyn almost got away with wearing her pj pants under her dress but got caught at the last minute. She is so bohemian, or hobo, I am not sure just yet.

We figured out the trick to getting Ethan to eat. Put his food on a stick. He ate three kabobs of chicken and shrimp!

After dinner we went for a little walk then Grandma and Papa were off to catch their flight.
Thank you for coming, we love you! Hugs!


Anonymous said...

The cookies look great. They sure are time comsuming, must admit I haven't made them in years. Kids sure love them!
I bet you enjoyed your supper out after all that work?
Aunt Deb :)

familymclean said...

Oh, yes!!!!

And I forgot to mention (for Amy)that the pipes were opened and the cloth was found, as was a pink crayon! We have no catch on our drain so we have to be careful of the big black hole!